Friday, January 19, 2007

Cendol for grand birthday

Aisheh... sorry folks for the lack of updates. Kind of busy with work, and with the Chinese New Year coming soon, I have tons to prepare! Especially when my dad's grand 60th birthday falls on the second day of the CNY!

I'll be at my grandparents place that day so I can't bake him a cake =( because they have no oven. And second day of the CNY, it will be darn difficult to find a cake shop who is open.

Need to work on a steam cake recipe soon!! Dad's really like banana... but banana steam cake? Is that even workable?

I have no idea what to buy for my dad too. I wish I could get his favorite cendol stall in Setiawan to come over to Ipoh for his birthday.

Dad could have bowls of cendol!

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7 pieces of worms:


I think my jaws need some kinda thick metal strings to hold them up, first bsglutton then you :PP Cendol is the only thing tt's had to recreate here in the States, my only sweet soupy cold dessert I love the most :)


melting wok: hehehe some shaved ice, jelly-O, kidney beans, salted glutinous rice and coconut milk as replacement?


Let me know if you really want a steam based cake. Very easy to make, just put egg, flour and sugar.


i think nowadays most of those chain bakery will open during CNY


teckiee, I tell you lah, the m'sian restaurants here make the pandan flour strips very tough !! They dumped them into the shaved ice and when you bite, you just simply wanna cry :( Can't take those gassy beans lerr, but as of right now, I'd prolly hantam anything :P


Hijackqueen: I'm trying chocolate steamed cake this week end!

babe_kl: I have to drive about 45 mins to a cake shop in town. A bit lehceh.

Melting Wok: hmm best thing is to make them yourself.. not sure now to make them tho


teckie, perhaps you can send some cendol troops over ? *grins*

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