Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Domino's Pizza Cinnamon sticks

Wahhh I'm so ulu! I didn't know Domino's Pizza Cinnamon sticks is like a half a puffy pizza dough with icing dip. *blush*

The icing dip was really really like icing. Very sweet. They added vanilla into for flavoring. Sweet, but kind of addictive. Goes well with the cinnamon.

Want to learn how to make this. A less sweet version will go will with bread pudding.

Ordered the Tandorri chicken flavored pizza. I don't know why all the Americanized pizza taste the same to me.

"Taste like chicken" ... except the vegetarian pizza of course.

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4 pieces of worms:


I have to agree that it is a must dessert at domino's! Anything with cinnamon is my favourite!


littlenoodle: I have been missing out on dominos man.. i think i have to start trying out new stuff at all those fast food places


oh...not too much junkie...i normally look at the menu...get an idea and then go hunt for the kind of food somewhere else. Best if i could make it!


littlenoodle: hehehe if you have the recipe.. share yah heheh ;)

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