Thursday, January 04, 2007

Euro Deli

I remembered reading TummyThoz's food blog on EuroDeli along Jalan Yap Kuan Seng. Since I was at Megan Phlio II the other day, I decided to try the place out. And boy was I overwhelmed by the list of pork dishes they have!!

You will see this road sign on your right of Jalan Yap Kuan Seng if you are turning in from Jalan Ampang to Yap Kuan Seng. They have another branch at Damansara Kim too.

As I walked in... a bit scary la cos the place outside was a little shady. But I was walking. I don't think anyone would notice if they are in the car.

When I was inside, I felt a little weird. Everyone was dressed nicely, with all their business suits and all. I was in Kakis, T-Shirt and a backpack! You know.. like a broke college kid you know. But the staff there treated me no different. Service was excellent.

I ordered some spiral sausage thing that was one of the chef's recommendation. It came with salted cabage in the middle, German style of the "ham choy"?, the brown sauce on the side is bbq sauce with onions. Vegetable salad with mustard sauce on the side. And the smashed potato.

Overall the dish was good. The spiral sausage was super juicy. It wasn't as tough as I expected, so that’s a plus plus. The mustard sauce was really good too. I wonder if it was from a bottle, or in-house made. The smashed potato tasted like KFC's, the brown sauce mixed together with the potato.

Meat pie. Pork, bacon, onions and cheese. I finished the whole pie although I was super full. The cheese, then the pieces of pork...ohhh.. then the pieces of pork with the fat, ahhhhh *droolsss*.

But one thing I didn't like, there was a tiny hit of old oil smell in the pastry. Boo boo for that. If not I would give this a 10/10 rating. They kept the pie for too long.... hm...

But overall good, will head back for more porky stuff. LOL!

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6 pieces of worms:


Mmmm.... pork.....

Must try this place soon...
Everyone seems to say that it is nice!

(Oh, and Happy New Year!)


j: Happy New Year too! One this i like about the place is that parking there is easy and foc. I just went back there to makan again.


Wow! U finished both dishes on your own? I kowtow to u bigtime-lah. Sure can eat!


I think the salted cabbage thing in the middle was sauerkraut :D


tummythoz: heheheh hungry plus the porkkk WHAHAHAH was really juicy!

elena: ohh so thats how sauerkraut taste like.


we loved the pork knuckles here and their sausages too. their carbonara is very sinfully creamy, so remember to order just the starter size else too jelak!!!

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