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Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant, Carey Island

After reading PasanKia's post on seafood, I thought it was such a coincidence that my mom suggest to head to Carey Island for seafood. After eating disappointing seafood meals all over the place, I finally found a restaurant almost near home that serves decent good seafood.

There is actually just oil palm estates and some oil palm refinery in Carey Island. The seafood restaurant I went to was at the mainland just before the bridge.

Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant, Carey Island
No 2, Batu 1 1/2 Jalan Bandar Lama, (Tepi Jambatan Pulau Carey), Teluk Panglima Garand, Kuala Langat, Selangor. Tel:03-31227737

Fired tong fun. Was so so. I have tasted worst, but also have tasted better. Rating: 6.5/10

Fried sotong. Love the flour spices. The sotong was cooked just right with the juice still in it.

I'm a little weird. I some how like over cooked tough sotongs...hehe Rating: 8/10

Marmite crab. The is the best marmite crab I have ever tasted. They have fried the crab with a thin layer of flour first. The flour later help absorbed the marmite taste to the crab. One thing that my dad didn't like was the marmite over powering the fishy smell of the crab.

I recommend this to the kids, they'll love them. I ate this without rice, so it was a little salty for me. Rating: 8.5/10

This is potato leaves... or should I say potato shoots. Very nice. They put in just the right amount of garlic. Rating: 9/10

The "Kong Pou Heh Kor" I ordered tasted good. One thing I found very unique about this Kong Pou is that the chef have added thin slices of lady fingers in the dish. Some how the lady fingers (that looked like green chili at first glance) really gave the dish the kick. Rating: 8/10

The Oh chien was actually quite good. I didn't take much because I saw the oil at the bottom. They should have at least drip dry the oil first before serving. Rating: 7/10

Overall service was good. Food came relatively quick. Price? RM85.15. What more can I!

After lunch, we drove all the way to the other side of the island just to see what was up over there.

A few folks were fish for shell fish and some were drying salted fish. Nothing much. The place was hot and sunny, but very windy. The sight of the horizon was relaxing.

FYI, seafood in Kuala Selangor is not very good anymore. I haven't been to Sekinchang for a long time, don't know if the good restaurants are still in business. Seafood in Tanjung Sepat was so so only. Same goes for Pulau Langat. Kampung Cina is too far north to travel for seafood. And seafood in Teluk Gong is way too over rated. best place for me now is Carey Island. Must try out restaurants in Pandamaran soon.

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12 pieces of worms:


Just let me know if you are coming here again. ;)


The food looked sooo yummylicious~! It's been a while since I last eaten any seafood meal. But not sure how to go Kuala Langat there. Shall ask my parent~ :)


Or you can just cook yourself or head up to Tambun in Penang. Very good.

Btw, the marmite crab is new to it a new invention. I thought marmite is for babies...can cook with crabs meh?


Hmm.. seem to have some recollection of this place. Think visited it about 2 years back. Remembered we were early and quite disappointed with the food. Oya! There was a wedding reception which took up half the restaurant space. Mayb that's why food was not up to our expectation?


Mmmm....even if the food was okay, eating at such places always gives it a plus point! A true food adventure mah....hee hee


teckie, u don't mind RM, she's very Penang kia hahaha, she doesn't know PJ/Kl marmite crabs, pheww, there's something new to her at least haha !! Btw, you torturerous, just wait, I'll storm up some mud crabs with sacCCssss of EGGSss, muahahaha :P :)


I used to visit this place often. The food is average but the ambience is great. Is da old boat still there ? (where u can sit and eat on ?)


Hijackqueen: ahhh klang place.. need to look for u la.

cookies_cream: hm.. my dad use kesas then use the turning into banting i think. Then go all the way straight for about 10 to 15 minutes

bee yinn: eh yeah hor. I ate seafood in penang and batuworth once only. Marmite very "in" in KL and PJ. U can use it to fry prawns also. You should try! I used it to marinate chicken too for korean bbq.

Tummythoz: hmm the dishes were a little salty actually. Perfect if eaten with rice.. by I didnt take with rice..

wmw: LOL! but if the food not nice, can be dissapointing.

Melting Wok: CRAB EGGS!!!!! I WANT!!!


bsGlutton: hm.. i think diff restaurant. I didnt see any boat.


teckiee, already post, although pix can capture 1/2 a plate, hands were all oil'd up, almost made it impossible to capture the picture hahaha. Also, Rasa Malaysia got her killer secret recipe on Live dungeness crabs too :) See, no touch 'k ? *lol*


I wanna try this out!

Julian Si

Nice blog on this obscure place, cheers! I went this past weekend too ...

Have a good day, happy eating!

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