Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kuih Binka and Kuih Gula Bakar

Coming from a family that seldom buy Malay kuih, even Malay dishes, I had and still have little idea what Malay dishes are about. I was introduced to Kuih Bingka the first year at my work place as majority of my colleagues were Malays.

I took a piece of the fragrant pandan with coconut milk kuih, the texture so soft and smooth. I instantly fell in love with it. From that day, I always made sure I always have one whole binka back to the office for tea when ever I have lunch at Komplex Kraft in KL.

I also have been getting my dose of binka from the Kelana Jaya Pasar Tani every Saturday morning. Here I have more choices with the binka, different flavors but all sold at RM3 each. I often stick with the green bean binka which is my favorite. Leave me alone with it and you will see just the empty paper plate ;p

There is only one stall there that sells binka. You can not miss this stall because all their binka is displayed out front along with their Kuih Gula Bakar. This I really like too!

Put Kuih Binka and Kuih Gula Bakar together what do you get? ...Empty plates because I have eaten them all... MUAHAHAHAHAHA ;p~

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ai wei
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ai wei

long time nv have these. i like the rich fragrant pandan kuih a loT!~

sorry for the comment deleted. there was an typing error.


i prefer them to be a bit burnt..hehe.. its been a week didnt check yr blog n now u make me crazy of the amount of food u take!!

Big Boys Oven

Shall we host and try to make this malay kuih! That will be a laugh! lol

"Joe" who is constantly craving

how can u eat so much n still b so skinny ar..what do u do to detox?? hahahah...yes i love that pandan smell..apparently somewhere sogo there got a good 1..


Looks like a pound cake...
I haven't come across those food yet...


Aiyo, these very filling-leh. Where do u put d whole slabs, down 1 slim leg of yours?


I love kuih bingka - taste so good with the hint of pandan fragrance.

wenching & esiong

Sounds delicious but I don't know any good place to buy these kuih. Kuih Gula Bakar is my favourite! :)


wah.. I haven't have this in years! just the look at the binka makes me drool man.

Christy seem to love these kueh so much:D
I am not a fan of this kueh but the pics depict them in a very cute the form of a flower:)


i lurve kuih bingka and it's getting pretty expensive these days. there was once i had to pay 50 sen for just one petal wedge!


ai wei: A lot of santan that brings out the pandan smell too.

jackson: I dont take that much la.... i taste food only ;p

BBO: eh not a bad idea. can have chinese and indian kuih also.

joe: ehh i put on like mad adi friend says my cheeks like hamster already.

ilovepearly: You have to look at Malay food stall area. Chinese sells the Malay kuih lapis and all.. but i have never come across any chinese place selling binka.

tummythoz: all at the tummy area leh.. actually i need to control and start working out liau... cannot continue eating like that.

boo: yeah me too. fell in love with this the first time i had it.

wenching & esiong: You both stay in PJ area rite? Sat morning.. wake up a bit early and head to the Pasar Tani. Can ta pau for breakfast.

daphne: remember not to drool all over the keyboard ;p

christy: hehehe i like it even more when its warm fresh from the oven.

babe_kl: PJ still ok. RM3 for 8 petal.


I love this kuih too...slightly burnt and milky. Yumz!


wau la!!! it..anwway,where is your secret recipe??.can share hare ma?:P


wmw: I like the burnt part too. A bit caramalized.. then sticky sticky feeling.

beachlover: hehehe no recipe la. I bought those ;p


Geez... big mistake to come in before breakfast... T_T


same here... seldom have malay kuihs and.. I've never had this before either :(


jason: I tot you come in for breakfast? hahah Eat First Think Later Restaurant.... hahah one day day

christine: always something new for all of us =)

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