Monday, January 01, 2007

My last dinner for 2006

Happy new 2007! New year, new resolutions, new food!

I was at a friend's place for the new year celebration. We though it would be a better idea to stay at home rather than getting stuck in traffic and human jams.

Dinner was really good!

steamboat and sizzling pan

Clockwise from top left: Big headed oyster mushrooms, sliced. Oyster mushrooms. Crabsticks. Processed sotong tubes, processed fish paste with crabsticks. Needle mushrooms.

Left to right: Tofu pok. Fish balls and sausages

Baby sweet corn and marinated pork strips. We also had beef and chicken strips. The marinade was the bomb!

And not forgetting the most important element of a new year eve celebration... alcohol! I'm not really a 'on the rocks' kind of person so I fixed up something else for myself. Bacardi, Ribena and Sprite rocks!

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5 pieces of worms:


happy new year!!!


happy new year to you & your family! many happy returns yah :D




Happy new year,

Our food is very difer of my contry but the brinl are similar :)( Globalizacion ?)


Happy Merry yummy New year to all!

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