Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oink oink!

Chinese New Year of the pig is coming!!! Actually, it's not pig right? I think it's boar.

I started making some peanut melt in the mouth cookies already. ...but hor.. I screwed up even I followed my recipe. I was having the "Aiyah, chin chai la.. did it perfectly last year. It's the same this year"

My oven is dying too. The heating element and the electronics have gone haywire. My oven feels like 200C when I only set for 170C. =( I'm cutting off all the baking items for Chinese New Year this year.

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9 pieces of worms:


So sorry to hear about your oven. Even sorrier for those who had been looking fwd to enjoy your CNY cookies. Cepat-cepat ganti-lar!

Melting Wok

I have that dilemma too haha, that is also why I don't bake no cake, however those li' piggy looks too cute for me to bite, but if its in front of me now, I'll eat it hehe :)


tummythoz: I did some oven shopping already.. the really big oven "Oven" Muahaha... RM2k+ for the goods ones.... expensive =(

melting wok: heheheh fatty bom bom pig! mom helped me shape it.


my oven too but mine gone cooler so now its at the clinic... so no bakings for CNY :( i missed my oven so much, another week to go before it comes back

Melting Wok

no need bake lah, u guys, so convinient to buy back home, unlike us here, we crave we bake, if we got no access, we eat banana :(


babe_kl: I know how u feel. Make some spring roll, ngah ku or something else?

melting wok: u coming back to KL for CNY?

Melting Wok

teckie, no :( u baking any goodies for CNY ? hmm..craving for some pineapple tarts now *shrug*


melting wok: hehehehehe want me to FexEd over?


woops i mean FedEx

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