Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pasar Tani Mega

I went to a pasar tani near my place last Saturday to buy stuff for my new year eve dinner. The market is located after the Kelana Jaya police station if you come from the Kelana Jaya Giant. I was surprised when I saw this many cars!

The traffic jam was jammed up that day because many Muslims were doing their Hari Raya Eid Adha celebration shopping as well. Parking on normal days are already difficult to find if you reach the market after 7.15. I spent quite sometime just waiting for parking. Or you can actually park further. Really far away.

I always thought markets would be messy and all but don't the red canopy makes the market looks to funfair'ish? The cleanliness and the organisation made it my #1 favourite morning market.

There were exceptionally a lot of beef sold that day for the Raya.

I asked around about the yellow chicken. I still have no idea why it's yellow in colour. I believe it's marinated in Kunyit. One man told me it was for "bakar" (roast\BBQ).

Fish sold here are really fresh. There was once when I saw a fish still flipping around! But then... they can be quite expensive sometimes. You can also find a lot of sotong and crabs and other sea food.

Even dried salted fish! You don't have to buy the whole fish ;P

Fresh green vegetables of all sorts. I can always find the paku pakis here. I usually can't seem to find them else where when I want them.

Smelly fragrant petai! You don't have to travel to Bidor just for good petais.

There's a few stalls selling dry sundry goods too. You can buy some canned food, belacan, sambal, all the dry stuff.

Eggs. Plenty of eggs. One thing nice about buying eggs from the market is that you get to pick the eggs you buy. If you are lucky enough, you might end up with a few double egg yokes!

Ahhh eating clams at restaurants are always so darn expensive. Now I get to cook a lot of Bee Yinn's clam dishes after I found this stall! They have the "see ham", balitong, mentarang, 3 types of lala type shell fish. They also have oyster and the "choke than" (bamboo) shell fish but they come frozen.

The pasar tani even have orchids stalls! Did you know orchids water is as nice as rose water too?

C-O-C-O-N-U-T. You can get fresh grated coconut here, skip those pre-grated coconut flesh in the supermarkets.

Papaya and rambutans. The too have a lot of local fruits sold in the market like the jambu, ciku and mango. I didn't see any durian yet ;P

Pineapples... not sure if they are sweet tho.

And bananas! My dad loves the "berangan" bananas. They were sold for RM1.70 per kg last week.

Other than the "to be cooked", there are also stalls selling "to be eaten" food.

Steamboat stall.

Lemang stall with a lot of curries and kuahs. A lot of stalls were selling lemang in a whole bamboo that day for the Raya. There are usually one or none.

Keropok and kerepek. I'm still wondering today the difference between them. I asked a Malay friend ones but he said "If you hear the sound 'pok pok pok' when you chiew, that is kerepok. If it sounds like 'pek pek pek' then its kerepek" LOL!!! Of course he was just joking.

All the mee soup. Mee rebus, asam laksa, mee soto and many more.

There are many other makan stalls and other tani stall. You just need to visit the Pasar tani yourself =)

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5 pieces of worms:


very descriptive pix you have here. wahh..there's a whole loads of petais there haha..wander what my neighbors would do when I cook up tt in my kitchen here egg farm going somemore, I have long forgotten how they display those at the market, thx for the homey pictorials, cheers ! :)


OMG, those balitong, cockles (see hams), clams, and lalas are all calling out to me...quick quick and yes, cook them up using my recipes and show me the pictures...beh tahan liao. Balitong is the best and I can't find them anywhere here. :(


melting Wok: hehehehe eat too much the mouth will stink of petai too!

bee yinn: hm..i dont like balitong ...cos i dunno how to suck the little snail out


teckiee, thx for the very descriptive after-effect.You forgot about the irregular-visits afterwards :P both gas and bomb :P


melting wok: hahahahh!!

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