Sunday, January 14, 2007

Simple Steamboat

Simple steamboat for dinner...not much variety but just nice for 4 of us.

Teo Chew fish balls and fish noodles. You can easily get these at your local market or super market. The Teo Chew fish balls are bigger because the fish balls are stuffed with marinated minced pork. You got to be careful when eating them though. The juice from the minced pork can really burn your tongue.

Fresh fish. One important key to a good steamboat is the fish. Make sure you use fresh fish if not you will really spoil the steamboat with fishy smell. Fresh fish helps sweeten the steamboat soup too. And of course, boiled fish taste good only when the meat is fresh and sweet. Pick the right type of fish too, not all fresh fish taste nice with steamboat.

Vegetables. Fresh sweet green vegetables.

Fresh mushrooms. I have no idea what type these are called. Tasted nice! Sweeter than the fresh Chinese mushrooms.

Big Head mushrooms! It doesn't soften easily in the hot soup and still very chewy and crunchy when eaten.

And of course, no steamboat goes without the chili! My mom made a superb green chili padi blended in lime juice paste. Looked like wasabi. I had a Tom Yam flavored fried shallots with dried shrimps that my best buddy bought from Thailand and normal fried shallots to dress the boiling soup. This gives out the fragrant.

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12 pieces of worms:


Simplicity is always the beast. looks like a feast to me. Save me a seat the next time round!


Home-cooked steamboat is best-sekali!


That is a lot of greens!!!


You know you torturing us here in US, the gigantic bulat2 fish balls, we got no access, first pic. already hantam us w/ that, you're very devilish :P

Anyways, the mushroom tt u do not know the name off is called "bunashimeiji" and the gigantic long mushroom tt's hard to cook is called "king oyster mushroom"
both very delicious.

thx for sharing, cheers ! :)


littlenoodle: hehehe ok.. i'll book place for you

rasa malaysia: One thing about eating steamboat outside is that i will always feel very thirsty after that. Restaurants use a lot of artifitial taste. Home cook soup already the original ikan bilis soup!

hijackqueen: yeah, we prefer more greens than meat.

melting wok: ohhh thanks for the mushroom info!


oh wow, steamboat is always my favourite.. apart from da fish, i think da soup based is quite important too!


Health food ah dis one. Good.

then I just passed a comment in boo_licious goose post, borrowing yr great name thank u in advance !


meiyen: i totally agree. soup is actually the most important element of a steamboat

tonixe: THANKS for the compliment!!


teckie, I wander what they put in the steamboat broth nowadays in M;sia ? Over here, they loved putting all the chinese herbs *very pow2* ie. apricot seeds, almond seeds,honey dates, chow quo,& so on. On the other side they have that fiesty "mala"- scezchuan peppercorn killer broth which I hate.


Melting Wok: We have soya broth here... really thick half soya half rice. Like eating porridge.


very nice blog you have here.
But i have to correct one thing here.
It's not teochew fishballs u were referring to, it's actually Foo Chew fishballs with meat in it.



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