Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SS3 pasar malam

Haik! SS3 Pasar Malam! I did say I will do one for SS2 and Taman Megah... soon to come =)

Durian van. Durians are seasonal fruits so you don't get to see the van there every Tuesday. If you notice durian vans around during off season, you are most probebly buying yucky tasteless Thailand durians.

A few stall selling very fresh fish. The first stall along the road had fresher fish but I didn't get a change to take a picture because the stall was surrounded with ppl.

There's whole fresh chicken sole there also. They actually looked very fleshy.. not fatty. Good chicken. hehe.

Many vege stalls.. some selling sundry stuff as well.

Ayam goreng stall. There's another stall selling a whole ayam goreng. Not burung puyun (Pigeon) but a real whole chicken with the neck!..no head.

one malay style
Saw a satay stall and a stall selling other deep fried stuff like fish balls, sotong balls, sausages and etc.

Other than the crispy apom filled with sugar, grated coconut flesh and corn, there were stalls selling "dai kau mean" also. That's the kuih with crushed groundnuts and sugar in between.

Fried and steamed kacang kuda. Some fried bananas and fried sliced tapioca. Some other stalls were selling the same thing with steamed and BBQed sweet corn.

There's also a moving kebab stall. ....I don't trust this kind of kebab stalls... not nice one la.

Ohh and my favoiurt stall of the whole SS3 pasar malam. This indian stall selling all the indian kuih stuff. Puttu mayam! Puttu mayam! Puttu mayam! Super fresh right out of the steamer!

Puttu mayam is eaten with graed coconut flesh and red sugar.

I also saw this. Something new to me. Some steamed stuff, rice flour dough I think, stuffed with sweeten gated coconut flesh and dhall like a "sui kau".

There's aslo the deep fried tapioca balls and green bean balls which are superb! and all that Indian deep fried kuih with all the fragrant spices. YUMMY! The only thing I don't like in that stall is their curry puff. EEK!

...ohh and stuff there is cheap!

Oh...this is one of the fried stuff I like from the stall. When they drop the dough into the oil, its in a rounded shape. But when deep fried, the flour becomes a donut.

Green bean deep fried in balls.... but don't eat too much.. fattening ma.

Ohh and the buah salak.

bee hun soup. Love the soup. Usually when I take this kind of soup soto, the soup is usually sandy... kind of a lot of fish bones, chicken bones, kind of feeling. Buttt this was really smooth and still had the same soto taste. Superb! When I pip into the huge pot of soup, there are actually a few whole chickens in it.

Next time have to order the "Special" from this stall already.

There's still a lot of yummy yummies sold at the pasar malam that I didn't get picture of. Keropok lekor, chinese/malay/nyonya kuih, ice kacang, fruit shaved ice and cendol, air mata kuching, bread and cake stalls, bak chang stall, dim sum and pau stall, laksa van (the same one in SS4C pasar malam), nasi lemak, nasi campur, nasi dagang, nasi ayam, lots of kacang putih, rojak, chee cheong fun, fried rice and noodles Chinese and malay style and coconut and sugar cane water!

This is a pasar malam you will want to visit if you want to have a taste of all Malay, Indian and Chinese food.

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6 pieces of worms:


Will make it a point to go there!

Melting Wok

oh my gawdddddd, tt's where I lived !! I tot I saw my mummy there hahaha, thank you so much for posting this :)))

Rasa Malaysia

Sent you an email, please check. :)


Hey, I do d same song & dance when I see this, 'putu mayam putu mayam putu mayam!' =P


hmmm i cant seem to get my comments up!!! ARGHH

wmw: try the food at the indian stall , really good.

melting wok: hehhhhhhh isit? There's this uncle selling "tong sui" there one right? I remember I used to like his "fan sang woo" but I dont see him around these days.

rasa malaysia: heheh replied!

tummythoz: HAHAHHAHA

Melting Wok

wahh teckie, I remembered v/well, tt tong sui man stall is next to this bakery stand, and between the char kueh kak stand hahahah, right ? Dang, I really missed his peanut pasteeeeee, I usually wallop 2-3 bowls in a night, now all I got is this stupid pre-packed instant ones, yucky :( Oh, I usually get extra bakeries from tt bakery lady - baked char siu bao, egg tart, etc. coz her daughter & I classmates, reminiscing..sigh :(

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