Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stalls along Jalan 17/27

I read a few reviews about the food in Food Foundry in SS17 PJ. I was, and still am really interested in the Mille Crepe. I haven seen anything sooo preety!

But sadly, the place was closed when I was there.

I ended up at Jalan 17/27, just a few seconds drive from there. The street has a few hawker stall, one or two mamaks, and I saw a "yau char queh" moving van too.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this stall was, "Eh chicken ball rice? Like Melaka one ah?"

In the end is 'Kai lap chow fan', fried rice with chicken cubes, only la. Plan fried rice with chicken cubes. Looks good, but no sure about the taste.

I ordered the 'Ma lat pan mee' right at the end of the road. Initially I thought that the pan mee was going to be good, but dissapointed. The pan mee was only so so. The 'ma lat' of the SeChuan is a 100 times better than this. Maybe I orders the wrong type of pan mee.

There's a corner coffeeshop at that road too. Food there is much better. And maybe eating in the coffeeshop is a better idea because I could smell the drain when I ate outside on the road.

The only this I enjoyed about the dinner was my company and my cup of teh-o-ice-limau. *slurp*

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5 pieces of worms:


Both the noodle and rice looks delicious. How can you sapu all???


littlenoodle: I didnt eat both of them. I was with a friend.


Sounds real sad.


the food in the coffeeshop is nice.

i like the prawn fried rice, penang kuey teow teng, and the spring onion chicken rice...

one of the stall outside serve nice tong shui... not the one that u can mix everything but the other one.


tummythoz: ...outside there sad and smelly!

baby princess: ohhh thanks for the tip. I tried their sambal petai rice from one of the stalls... quite nice also

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