Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nga Ku

Busy busy busy. Will be off to Genting tomorrow with my bosses from the US for a team building! Weee!

Short post on nga ku. The pictures and video explanies itselves.

1#You can dry the sliced nga kus' on plates first. The drier the nga ku, the easier and crunchier it gets when it's fried.
2#Turn up the heat when you remove the nga ku from the oil. The oil will not stick to the nga ku as much. You'll get drier and less oily nga ku.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

My first flogger get together

Everything happened upstairs of Makansutra, Plaza Damas (Hartamas Shopping Centre).

Now let's see. The first person I saw was FatBoyBakes. He then que Rasa Malaysia to turn around to see who's there. Audrey Cooks was next her. Tonixe came from my left and introduced himself and then later shouted over to one of his other Team BSG mate to that the girl from Pangkor was here. Jackson from the other end of the table who was busy taking picture of the Mieng Kam looked up and said something like "oh you are Eat First Think Later ah" ....LOL. The WMW came over, I instantly reconised her.

Fast forward >> The Tiramisu stayed but not the baker. After that I'm not sure if UnkaLeong came first or Boolicious. Babe KL came with this Dude KL and charming and very confident Dude KL Jr.

So ok la... I'm narating so much because I have no good pictures of the food. More food reviews and good pictures over at Jackson's and Babe's.

Overall I really like Makansutra. Overall a 9/10 rating. Food was really delicious.
Pie Tee is one of the best I have tasted. The kerabu pamelo was nice too. Totally love the fired tofu squares! Chicken was good and the curry prawns smells really good. Tom Yam was ok. I think we were too busy taking pictures. The Tom Yam should have tasted better when it's still hot. The Kai Lan was ok but the sauce a little too startchy.

And of course there was the wine. I was quite suprised when I drank Makers Table. I usually don't drink wine. I take a sip and go "Daddy, I don't want, help me finish yah". But this I really really like! Tasted even better than my favorite Moldavian port wine. WMW where did you buy the wine?

This I like too. Tasted a bit like Canada's Ice wine. But then again... I know nuts about wine.

Really like the wine....

Really really like the wine.... but no one got to this stage LOL ;P Team BSG thanks for the *burb* booze!

It was really fun meeting everyone! Thanks a bunch to Audrey and Bee Yinn who are key to this flooger dinner, you can pass the baton now... who's next?

Oh one more thing. Parking was the killer. One tip, park in the shopping mall basement, not the outdoor parking in front of the shops. Parking is pricy out there.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

2007 CNY baking

Was suppose to post this up a long time ago... but I was busy with baking, and work, and everything.. so here's a back track post on my 2007 CNY baking.

Peanut "melts in the mouth" cookies. I didn't have the umph to bake this year actually. But my mood changed when I went looking back for this recipe.

Very addictive little evil cookies. I aunt love this so much that she hogged the whole bottle to herself. Later she said "You better take this away if not I'll be finishing this". .....aiyor Ah Yee, very fattening you know.

Pineapple tarts! I didn't make my own pineapple jam this year. It really takes a big effort to cook the jam... and takes so much time too. I bought ready made pineapple jam from the shop.

I usually let my mom knead the dough for me. But this year I did it myself. Turned out nicer then my mom's! Here's the recipe.

- 600g super fine flour
- 300g salted butter/margarine or a mix between both
- 2 large egg yokes
- 15ml oil

1. Rub in the butter into the sifted flour until even. (I think you can use the cut in method as well) You will find the flour cluttered.
2. Add in the egg yokes. Knead until even.
3. Add the oil bit by bit and knew. Stop adding when the dough is able to stick together into a clump.
4. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
5. Remove from fridge for 10 minutes before making your tart.

I used up a total of 18 egg yokes and left with a lot of whites! I didn't know what to do with them do I dug out a recipe book. I found an almond cluster recipe which uses egg whites. I gave it a try but...

Almond monsters cluster, a disaster. I got lazy while making them... I was suppose to really beat the egg while until stiff. I didn't.. so... wasted.

Lesson learned. One should not take the easy way out. The cookie was supposed to stand... not flatten out. (Wasn't even hard in the center)

Kind of disappointed with myself after that. So... just got to make my favorite double chocolate nut cookies that I love.

I fried some "Ngah Ku" too. But that will be on another post. ....after I flog about the Flogger Dinner I went to yesterday!!!

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Jalan Alor

Quick post... CNY.. too busy collecting ang pow ;P

Went to Jalan Alor for dinner sometime before the CNY.

Before we started eating.

Ordered some Singapore fried mee hoon from one of the shops. Think I can fry better noodles blinded folded.

Fried rice.... more edible than the noodles but still yucky.

Kong pou tin kai..more like clay pot with a lot of startch. EEk!!!

Never going back to that shop. I forgot the name... but it's the second restaurant on the right if you are coming from the car park area.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year Steamboat

Having steamboat for the eve dinner is not uncommon. I think its more common these days compared to last time. Anyway, it was the year for the steamboat again this year. My family usually have a year of dinner with rice, and then a year of steamboat.

I always like the steamboat because we all get to sit comfortable together... on the porch floor! Hehehe. I remember when I was young, we used to sit on the kitchen floor, some eating on the table. But I guess we are all grown up now and there's just not enough space.

My aunty is the one who usually always does all the hard work. She marinated the BEST "ka mong" fish for the steam boat and prepares all the steamboat ingredients, soup, and even heats the charcoal. I learnt the marinating from my mom, but I still think my aunty does the fish marination the best.

The porch is washed clean and newspaper covering the flour so we don't dirty it. I don't think you can get any dinner like this else where. The "traditional fisherman dinner" as my dad will call it... LOL, but I don't think so la. (FYI, my dad's home town is in Pangkor, a fisherman village, that is where the "traditional fisherman dinner" came from)

L(top) clockwise: Tau foo pok, sliced abalone with lime, "yui piu" the organ which let's the fish floats, fish balls.

Green vegetables, cabbages and needle mushrooms.

More green vegetables, marinated shrimps, and "foo choke".

More fish balls and my auntie’s yummy marinated fish!!!

Can hear my stomach growling again....

Oh and not forgetting the nissin and udon noodles. Goes well with the steamboat soup... all the meat and vegetable sweetness ...SLURPPP

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

I won't be posting anything soon... so Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Wishing you all the joy and happyness, health and wealth, and ...think what get what LOL!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pantai Seafood Restaurant

I had a "sau kong" dinner with my colleagues at Pantai Seafood restaurant in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara. (Tel: 7725 5099 for reservations) last Friday. Planning was really bad.

The fresh sea food

1# Everyone was late.
2# I was 30 mins late. I was the fourth to arrive out of the 21!
Talk about Malaysian timing. I guessed everyone will be late, so I came late. But I didn't guess that they were that late.
3# We have our full table only after 2 hours and 45 minutes from the initial start time.

You can alraedy imagine everyone's mood.

My table started tossing the fresh pear lou sang first. Some folks decided we should start first... honestly.. we should!

Before.. look at the mess. My colegues were actually pushing and pulling the plate as they toste! LOL! Kids!

Kids are piranas.

Shark fins with seafood and crabmeat soup. There were a lot of crabmeat. Yum yum! Not the best sharkfins soup but above average. Rating: 7/10

Steamed red snapper. The this was too small for the table of 10. Everyone had a bite and the rest were bones. The fish was fresh and sweet. Rating: 7/10

Braised chicken with Chinese herbs. This was just average for me but some of my colleagues liked this a lot. I didn't bite into a lot of Chinese herbs.. so I guess for people that like "Yok Choy Kai" this one is ok. Rating: 6/10

Baked tiger prawns with chicken floss. Very beautiful and fresh prawns. I enjoyed this a lot! Rating: 9/10

Rice with Chinese sausages and preserved Chinese wax duck (lap cheong and lap ap). *droolsssss* I was busy taking pictures so my colleagues took a portion of the rice for me. A big piece of Chinese wax duck and Chinese sausage. Really good. I would give it a 10 if they could improve their rice cooking technique. The rice was a little wet. Rating: 8.5/10

Braised Abalone with mushrooms. It's actually braised Abalone mushrooms LA! This dish was ok. Rating: 6.5/10

Longan and sea coconut. Er...tasted like longan and sea coconut. Standard taste.

We were suppose to have a Chinese pastry as desert too but the service was really bad. There were long intervals between our dishes and the initially forgot about our desert.

The whole package cost RM418++. This is the cheapest one they have. Will I go back for food? Will, food was nice, but service wasn't. Maybe if I have time to spare.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Apple Strudels

I can't believe that she actually tau pow the whole log\box of apple strudels for me all the way across the ocean from the land down under!

Thank you so much Yih Wen! You Da Bomb!

She blogged once about this famous apple strudel... I drooled over the picture *slurp slurp* It was refrigerated when it came into my hands. But warn or not... I just couldn't resist.

I was going to have a big "sau kong" (end of working day for the year) dinner with my colleagues and yes yes... I was yes yes I was suppose to save some stomach space for dinner. But hor, you know la... self explanatory ;P

Just too good to be true! I had a second piece the next day. This time I rebaked it in the oven and PERFECT! The apple strudle tasted wonderful. No chemical smell and taste, cream just right, pastry just right not too oily or flakey and just at the right sweetness. And of course... just the right amount of apples!

I just imagine another bite of the pastry... *bite* (the sound of a band of angle choir singing) *ahhhhhhh*

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