Sunday, February 25, 2007

2007 CNY baking

Was suppose to post this up a long time ago... but I was busy with baking, and work, and everything.. so here's a back track post on my 2007 CNY baking.

Peanut "melts in the mouth" cookies. I didn't have the umph to bake this year actually. But my mood changed when I went looking back for this recipe.

Very addictive little evil cookies. I aunt love this so much that she hogged the whole bottle to herself. Later she said "You better take this away if not I'll be finishing this". .....aiyor Ah Yee, very fattening you know.

Pineapple tarts! I didn't make my own pineapple jam this year. It really takes a big effort to cook the jam... and takes so much time too. I bought ready made pineapple jam from the shop.

I usually let my mom knead the dough for me. But this year I did it myself. Turned out nicer then my mom's! Here's the recipe.

- 600g super fine flour
- 300g salted butter/margarine or a mix between both
- 2 large egg yokes
- 15ml oil

1. Rub in the butter into the sifted flour until even. (I think you can use the cut in method as well) You will find the flour cluttered.
2. Add in the egg yokes. Knead until even.
3. Add the oil bit by bit and knew. Stop adding when the dough is able to stick together into a clump.
4. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
5. Remove from fridge for 10 minutes before making your tart.

I used up a total of 18 egg yokes and left with a lot of whites! I didn't know what to do with them do I dug out a recipe book. I found an almond cluster recipe which uses egg whites. I gave it a try but...

Almond monsters cluster, a disaster. I got lazy while making them... I was suppose to really beat the egg while until stiff. I didn't.. so... wasted.

Lesson learned. One should not take the easy way out. The cookie was supposed to stand... not flatten out. (Wasn't even hard in the center)

Kind of disappointed with myself after that. So... just got to make my favorite double chocolate nut cookies that I love.

I fried some "Ngah Ku" too. But that will be on another post. ....after I flog about the Flogger Dinner I went to yesterday!!!

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11 pieces of worms:


hw come didnt bring some for us to try ?


Sorry...this posting is just begging me to say..."YOU HAD ME AT KOONGPIEAH!" ROFL....


she no bring?? aiya, howwww cannnn laidatttt...


Quick quick tell me abt d floggers dinner! *rushing off to stock up on kitchen towels for saliva & tears of disappointment for missing out*

Melting Wok

teckie, big pat on the shoulder for taking the courage to shake and then bake hehe, I couldn't do much on tt department myself, you're good :) 1st cookie, no peanuts one meh ? damn sad, when mom told me this favorite auntie tt bakes peanut cookies w/roasted corn flour, egg whites and roasted peanuts have gone retired, so I didn't have NONE cookies this year :(


jackson, ffb: heheh got big family.. can u imagine i made way more than what is show in the pictures..still not enuff to give away!!! next gathering I'll bring! ffb organising rite? hehe

wmw: aiyor... my tai ka che bully me

tummythoz: eh next round! really wanna meet u and mei yen!


melting wok: *waves* regards recieved! ..actually i was a bit worried that the bakes will come out off.. my oven really falling appart


WMW : "You complete me.." Muahahah...Koong Pieah Rules!

Teckiee : Sorry hor, just could not resist ;)

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pops in for a look ROFL gets up ROFL again...


unkaleong: better dont let me see u in bkk.. if now ah... ;p

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