Saturday, February 10, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Playing catching on the World Wide Web...kena caught by tummythoz. I need more bandwidth so can run faster... ;P

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

1# I watched 3 movies in the cinemas back to back alone once. The Sixth Sense, Center Stage and ...forgot the movie name but it was about a pair of twin sisters separated when their parents divorced. They meet up in a summer camp and then switched place.

2# I like carrying my own stuff when I can. I feel odd when people carry books, chairs, bags, laptops... and other stuff when I can do it myself. Sorry la... I know you are being nice.. but I'm really not used to being pampered.

3# I think I need glasses but I'm too afraid to check. I often pick the front seats during meeting and presentations, not because I want to pay attention. It's because I can't see the slides being projected form the end of the meeting room.

4# I gained 8kgs in 10 months. ...and still gaining! ...Aiyor can't blame me la.. just look at all the proof in this food blog! I miss the days when I can eat all I want and not get fat.

5# And the fifth thing you don't know about me... I have a finger nails collection. Sorry if this gross you out, but I have been keeping my long nails since I was in Form 2. Don't ask me why... it's just those one of the weird things I do. (other than keeping dead mosquitoes in a bottle, collect spiders and ants in between celotape and computer mouse track balls)

I hope I didn't scare anyone off. I'm still teckiee who loves tasting food!

...and aiyor.. everyone seems to be tagged already... so, I'm cheating. All those who are not tagged but happen to be eating/snacking/drinking/munching while reading this... YOU ARE TAGGED!

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15 pieces of worms:


Ha ha...Fascinating collections!


I just threw up on my keyboard after reading the 5th point. Hehe ...

Rasa Malaysia

Oooooh, skeleton in the closet...errrr, I meant finger nails in the closet. Don't get bomoh get a hold of them or else they will cast a kong tow on you. Muahahahaaha.

team BSG

v have gone to Key Hiong yr jogging joint to ta pau some for u oredi( esp lor mai kai ). Just 1 or 2 kg more is ok lah.

Or u want da Pangkor Fish Head ?


Hehe I think the movie about the twins is called Parent Trap :)


wmw: heheheh :P

loong: sorry about that... should have gave a warning on top hehe

rasa malaysia: HAHAHA you watch too much "jampi" movies already...but i wonder if its true.

team bsg: wahhh i want "tai pau" ahahhaha 2 also can!

elena: ah yes that movie. Kind of scary when they wanted to pierce the ears. Needle and a piece of apple... no wonder i still have no piercing

Melting Wok

aiyoo, tai pow..stomach growling again :( teckie, you like chick flicks is it ? center stage ? hehe, anyway, dang bout the finger nails thingy, I remembered my 12yr old IC with 2 long pony tails, like a dog, my mom kept my long hair in her closet, tt was my very 1st cut to short hair..eww..hahaa, I think your nail collection topped mine :) By the way, I am imagining you carrying books, chairs, bags, and laptops all at once hahahahaa, my my, wouldn't you want help in that situation ? *grins*


Keep dead mosquitoes & collect spiders/ants on celophane tape!!???? The things meme brings out. Wow.

About those eyes, better check-check. They don't get better on their own-leh.

team bsg, y I don't get such service-1?


Oya, I can't see your pictures in this post. Only red 'x'es.


you aren't alone, i like carrying my own stuff too! it could be because i just can't trust people :p


Hahaha...ROFL, my mom keeps dead mozzies in a Strepsil tin. Then again she also has a collection of my milk teeth in another Strepsil tin....No fingernails though ;)


melting wok: ...actually... *sign* I just broke up when I went for the 3 in a row

tummythoz: yeah I think after CNY I got to check. Hope my eyes still can save. About the pictures.. I dont know what I can do, blogger seem to hate me. =(

meiyen: see I know we are not weird! LOL!

unkaleong: your mom is WAYYYY cool! I had to empty out my dead mossie connection in a bottle once because the stench was killing me when I open the bottle. They were really decomposing in the bottle.


teckiee & unkaleong, err y keep dead mozzies? To warn d live ones to stay away isit?

unkaleong & melting wok, so does ur mom do show & tell demo when u have frenz over?

Melting Wok solee hehe, hope the movies paid off ? *pat pat* oo..on your creature collection, used to have 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 chickadee all at one time hahaha..oh, another sinful confession, use to cut off those lizards to c if the tail really move on their own haahahaha, gross huh ?:P


tummythoz: HAHAHAH i have no idea man. I know they usually fly below my PC table when I work.. so the only thing i can do is kill them and keep!

melting wok: wahh u ganas man... I'm afraid of house lizards... i had a big fat one fall on me when i was in the shower before! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

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