Monday, February 12, 2007

Apple Strudels

I can't believe that she actually tau pow the whole log\box of apple strudels for me all the way across the ocean from the land down under!

Thank you so much Yih Wen! You Da Bomb!

She blogged once about this famous apple strudel... I drooled over the picture *slurp slurp* It was refrigerated when it came into my hands. But warn or not... I just couldn't resist.

I was going to have a big "sau kong" (end of working day for the year) dinner with my colleagues and yes yes... I was yes yes I was suppose to save some stomach space for dinner. But hor, you know la... self explanatory ;P

Just too good to be true! I had a second piece the next day. This time I rebaked it in the oven and PERFECT! The apple strudle tasted wonderful. No chemical smell and taste, cream just right, pastry just right not too oily or flakey and just at the right sweetness. And of course... just the right amount of apples!

I just imagine another bite of the pastry... *bite* (the sound of a band of angle choir singing) *ahhhhhhh*

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6 pieces of worms:


Hey I had those before ... they are from Perth!


I love those Apple Strudel. However, I found one available locally and they say the recipe is from Perth, Australia...check out the entry in this blog....

I love the Apple Strudel here too!


wow so much apple fillings as compared to the one found in KL

Melting Wok

really nice of ur friend :) wow, the pastry looks so thin and flaky, yums :) aiyoo..if you like this kinda thing, next time u come here, we'll treat u peach cobbler instead, the crust is to die for, top it off w/ice cream..yummys :)


ypu are so lucky!!!!! I love flacky pastry...yum yum


loong: yeahh ta pau from there

wmw: ohhhhhhhhh got to check it out! thanks for the link!

babe_kl: can find one in KL... but taste wise.. this one is really good.

melting wok: LOL can can! one day AirAsia can make me fly there.

jackson: hehehe CNY year of the boarr luck

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