Monday, February 05, 2007

Canadian Pizza

My parents went out for dinner on Saturday leaving me and my sister at home. I didn't have the mood or the energy to cook so I decided we order in. There's really only 5 things we can order.

McDonals, Pizzahut, Kenny Rogers, KFC and Dominos.

My sis just ate McD's, and I had Dominos. I can't find the number to call KFC and Kenny Rogers's food kind of suck lately.

So I did a Google and came across Canadian Pizza. I remember a Canadian friend said that the Canadian Pizza was nice. You know la... I thought it was just because "he being Canadian"

But I can't believe it. Me and my sister finish 2 regular ourselves. I think if we have the Extra Large 14" pizza, we still would have wallop the whole pizzas. Very good pizzaz!

Call 1-300-88-0241 to order. More recipies here.

Chicken Fajitas. A lot of cheese and ingredients. I was expecting it to be spicier but still ok. I added the dried chili bits to put more kick to it.

Taste wise is really nice. It's not like pizzas in PizzaHut where every pizza taste like chicken and pineapple (In other words they all taste the same).

The classic Italian was really good. I love the Italian sausage! The bomb! One thing I didn't notice about the pizza was the capsicum. My sister said it tasted bitter. All the aroma and taste from the other ingredients covered the bitterness. I think they used a really old capsicum.

One thing Canadian Pizza could improve is their crust. I still prefer Dominos crust to Canadian's. Dominos's pizza is a little more firm. ...or maybe Canadian Pizza's crust was soft because of all that cheeseeeeee.

Anyhow...Canadian pizza rocks! I'll pass all these Dominos's for 2 slices of Canadian pizza!

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team BSG

V love Pizzas, but they r always too BIG !


i remember there were advertisements on this canadian pizza delivery in da cinema before da show started but i didn't take down da number..looks like i can now go for canadian pizza instead of pizza hut! :D

Rasa Malaysia

Hey, Audrey Lim has already sent out an evite please RSVP. Please come to the dinner as Fat Boy Bakes is bring two cakes!


That good? Now I know it's a must try. Thx for reviewing.
Team bsg, pizza too big? Thot u got very big gang with even bigger tummies!


Yah, I love Canadian Pizza! Better than Domino's. Hope they keep the standard up!


....*signn* why oh why do I have so much problems with blogger? My post wont show, my comments wont show....

BSG: too big can share with me! Sharing is caring ma ;P

MeiYen: ahhh now i remember...I saw the ad in the cinemas too

Bee Yinn: I'm coming I'm coming!

tummythoz: They are the no1 when it comes to delivered pizza!

wmw: yeah.. hopefully they are still yummy after they get famous


Ahahahhaa, when I search for foood, I'll always end up in your blog, teckie! ^o^


cubbie: hahaha good la.. same taste ma.

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