Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year Steamboat

Having steamboat for the eve dinner is not uncommon. I think its more common these days compared to last time. Anyway, it was the year for the steamboat again this year. My family usually have a year of dinner with rice, and then a year of steamboat.

I always like the steamboat because we all get to sit comfortable together... on the porch floor! Hehehe. I remember when I was young, we used to sit on the kitchen floor, some eating on the table. But I guess we are all grown up now and there's just not enough space.

My aunty is the one who usually always does all the hard work. She marinated the BEST "ka mong" fish for the steam boat and prepares all the steamboat ingredients, soup, and even heats the charcoal. I learnt the marinating from my mom, but I still think my aunty does the fish marination the best.

The porch is washed clean and newspaper covering the flour so we don't dirty it. I don't think you can get any dinner like this else where. The "traditional fisherman dinner" as my dad will call it... LOL, but I don't think so la. (FYI, my dad's home town is in Pangkor, a fisherman village, that is where the "traditional fisherman dinner" came from)

L(top) clockwise: Tau foo pok, sliced abalone with lime, "yui piu" the organ which let's the fish floats, fish balls.

Green vegetables, cabbages and needle mushrooms.

More green vegetables, marinated shrimps, and "foo choke".

More fish balls and my auntie’s yummy marinated fish!!!

Can hear my stomach growling again....

Oh and not forgetting the nissin and udon noodles. Goes well with the steamboat soup... all the meat and vegetable sweetness ...SLURPPP

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4 pieces of worms:


Hmm ... needs more meat.


loong: yeah... but fisherman steamboat ma hehehe. I remember we used to have the canned pork. But I think everyone getting old... cut down on all the unhealty fatty stuff.


This is so very interesting - sitting on floor for steamboat. All your elders must be very fit & strong to be able to sit like that!


tummythoz: heheh sit on the floor quite syok.. kampung style

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