Friday, February 23, 2007

Jalan Alor

Quick post... CNY.. too busy collecting ang pow ;P

Went to Jalan Alor for dinner sometime before the CNY.

Before we started eating.

Ordered some Singapore fried mee hoon from one of the shops. Think I can fry better noodles blinded folded.

Fried rice.... more edible than the noodles but still yucky.

Kong pou tin kai..more like clay pot with a lot of startch. EEk!!!

Never going back to that shop. I forgot the name... but it's the second restaurant on the right if you are coming from the car park area.

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9 pieces of worms:


Hello...Gong Xi! Gong Xi!...Why no photos appearing in this post???

Keropok Man

encik, tak ada gambar gambar lah...

team BSG

very funny hahaha. but v certainly want to try yr fried noodles (with yr eyes open one plse) TQ


ARHGHGHGH I "LOVE" the new BLOGGER!! I'll go fix it now


when u gonna review about our "meeting" that nite? Hehehe... oppss.... im sure u miss Kong....


jackson: aishehhh ....


Today still no pix-ler. Sad to know of ano not so good restaurant. Mayb d real chef is still on CNY leave.

Melting Wok

where r the pix ???? wah..u very "long" horr, eat until pix also practically swallowed down :P


tummythoz, melting wok: I lost the pics already... i cant get it up... blogger..oh blogger

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