Monday, February 26, 2007

My first flogger get together

Everything happened upstairs of Makansutra, Plaza Damas (Hartamas Shopping Centre).

Now let's see. The first person I saw was FatBoyBakes. He then que Rasa Malaysia to turn around to see who's there. Audrey Cooks was next her. Tonixe came from my left and introduced himself and then later shouted over to one of his other Team BSG mate to that the girl from Pangkor was here. Jackson from the other end of the table who was busy taking picture of the Mieng Kam looked up and said something like "oh you are Eat First Think Later ah" ....LOL. The WMW came over, I instantly reconised her.

Fast forward >> The Tiramisu stayed but not the baker. After that I'm not sure if UnkaLeong came first or Boolicious. Babe KL came with this Dude KL and charming and very confident Dude KL Jr.

So ok la... I'm narating so much because I have no good pictures of the food. More food reviews and good pictures over at Jackson's and Babe's.

Overall I really like Makansutra. Overall a 9/10 rating. Food was really delicious.
Pie Tee is one of the best I have tasted. The kerabu pamelo was nice too. Totally love the fired tofu squares! Chicken was good and the curry prawns smells really good. Tom Yam was ok. I think we were too busy taking pictures. The Tom Yam should have tasted better when it's still hot. The Kai Lan was ok but the sauce a little too startchy.

And of course there was the wine. I was quite suprised when I drank Makers Table. I usually don't drink wine. I take a sip and go "Daddy, I don't want, help me finish yah". But this I really really like! Tasted even better than my favorite Moldavian port wine. WMW where did you buy the wine?

This I like too. Tasted a bit like Canada's Ice wine. But then again... I know nuts about wine.

Really like the wine....

Really really like the wine.... but no one got to this stage LOL ;P Team BSG thanks for the *burb* booze!

It was really fun meeting everyone! Thanks a bunch to Audrey and Bee Yinn who are key to this flooger dinner, you can pass the baton now... who's next?

Oh one more thing. Parking was the killer. One tip, park in the shopping mall basement, not the outdoor parking in front of the shops. Parking is pricy out there.

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13 pieces of worms:


Nice meeting you teckiee! Sorry the pixs did not turn up but I do like yr last pix.

Yeah, if I am not mistaken, parking up there is by the hour while in the shopping centre, it's a flat rate of either RM1 or RM1.50 hence we usually park there and walk around the place.


Haha! Luv d 'really really like d wine' pix sequence.

team BSG

Bet at least one BSG is still in da clouds...
c h urr ersrs eers.. #*^%burrruup !

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Ha ha ha....your wine pics. I have two questions for you. 1) You were a bit tipsy? Your photo taking techniques of the wine pics shows it. 2) Your face got pimples or not? ROFL

I've got an answer for you : The wine is from Vintry, Medan Damansara.


darling, i think i came the last with the dudes hahaha... had to wait for dude sr to finish class.

ya ya i oso wanna know, yr face got pimples or not? :p

btw i wanna know which bottle is served first? first glass of red is nice leh. BSG's white has a hint of honey which is great with dessert. as for mine, i got to tarpau half of them home haha... never mind i still have 8 bottles of them kekeke

Rasa Malaysia

Teckiee - such a sweetheart you are...I am sure the other BSG is still in cloud 9 and probably will stay there forever and refuse to wake up. You had him at Kong Piah.
Yeah, how's the cheek?

Audrey Cooks

Beautiful shaking effect you have there with the wine glasses... purposely one ah? I love the sequence of the wine shots ... great to have met you!


*hic*...cheers to da A-Hut... hahaha...Nice to put a face to the blogs. Lets do this again sometime soon:)


boo: yeahh.. me, jackson and uncleleong paid 8.50! .. can eat one big mac with that slurpp

tummythoz: hehehe just so u know.. im not drunk.. cam trick only

team bsg: i'll remember to bring shooter glasses are all! muahahhaa

wmw: 1)no la 2)also no la.. LOL

babe: wmw's makers table was the 1st bottle. I like that too.

bee yinn: i must ta pau kong piah for everyone one day man... can send over to u and melting wok also.. confirm can last

audrey: before the cam shutter closes, you got to move the cam around to let the light in.. the last milisec before it closes.. let your cam stay still to capure the focused object.

unkaleong: hehehe actually hor.. its not a bad idea to have a trip down to A hut. Team BSG and become tour guide a bit.


Hello, if you go A hut, this tai ka che here won't be protecting you one ah? I'll go off and enjoy the show! LOL...


I love the last pic! Can you teaach me how to take that? Hehe...Rm 8.50 is really expensive ho... But it's worth to meet with all the floggers!!! Hey, Did yr A-Hut contact u? Hehe

Melting Wok

teckie, I really luv the last 3 shots !! original recipe hahahaha :)) Glad that you guys had fun, got mabuk a not ? cheers !:)

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