Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nga Ku

Busy busy busy. Will be off to Genting tomorrow with my bosses from the US for a team building! Weee!

Short post on nga ku. The pictures and video explanies itselves.

1#You can dry the sliced nga kus' on plates first. The drier the nga ku, the easier and crunchier it gets when it's fried.
2#Turn up the heat when you remove the nga ku from the oil. The oil will not stick to the nga ku as much. You'll get drier and less oily nga ku.

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10 pieces of worms:


This is really dangerous stuff. True to a borrowed tagline 'once pop u cannot stop'.

Mikie S. Gee

A new way of preparing the Arrowheads... or "See Gu" as my parents call them.

I typically see them in steamed or in a braised dish.


Melting Wok

teckie, don't judi too much, 'k ? happy hols'..or I shd say, hv fun team building hahaha..don't get ya butt all sore 'k ? CHeers !:)


arrr....u know what? i can finished up the whole big container one nite and if i think i had more than 5 container. End up increase at least 5 kg during CNY

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

aiyo...nga ku the stuff. This CNY though, someone made "lin ngau" keropok. Just mandolin the "lin ngau" and deep fry then toss in salt. REALLY GOOD!

Hope you don't mind but I will link you to my blog. If you do, please tell me and I'll remove the link. Came here from

Good blog. Keep it up.


King's wife

The first 2 words I read was Nga Ku, and my eyes popped. I am eating nga ku right now...right hand on the mouse, left hand stuffing my face!


Tummythoz: pop to much the face aslo pop =(

Mikie S. Gee: slice them and fry with soya sauce is nice too.

melting wok: u know what... i came back with food poisoning. I was sick for 3 whole days!

jackson: ..pimples dude pimples

nigel: wahhh good idea. something different. Must remember for the next CNY.

queen? hehehe: great minds links =)

lee ping chong

Love your website. Your instructions and photos are very clear. Please keep up your good work. I have just linked your blog to my blog (


ping chong: thanks =)

Keropok Man

i love this stuff!
just the other day i was munching and munching and munching it! ;-)

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