Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pantai Seafood Restaurant

I had a "sau kong" dinner with my colleagues at Pantai Seafood restaurant in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara. (Tel: 7725 5099 for reservations) last Friday. Planning was really bad.

The fresh sea food

1# Everyone was late.
2# I was 30 mins late. I was the fourth to arrive out of the 21!
Talk about Malaysian timing. I guessed everyone will be late, so I came late. But I didn't guess that they were that late.
3# We have our full table only after 2 hours and 45 minutes from the initial start time.

You can alraedy imagine everyone's mood.

My table started tossing the fresh pear lou sang first. Some folks decided we should start first... honestly.. we should!

Before.. look at the mess. My colegues were actually pushing and pulling the plate as they toste! LOL! Kids!

Kids are piranas.

Shark fins with seafood and crabmeat soup. There were a lot of crabmeat. Yum yum! Not the best sharkfins soup but above average. Rating: 7/10

Steamed red snapper. The this was too small for the table of 10. Everyone had a bite and the rest were bones. The fish was fresh and sweet. Rating: 7/10

Braised chicken with Chinese herbs. This was just average for me but some of my colleagues liked this a lot. I didn't bite into a lot of Chinese herbs.. so I guess for people that like "Yok Choy Kai" this one is ok. Rating: 6/10

Baked tiger prawns with chicken floss. Very beautiful and fresh prawns. I enjoyed this a lot! Rating: 9/10

Rice with Chinese sausages and preserved Chinese wax duck (lap cheong and lap ap). *droolsssss* I was busy taking pictures so my colleagues took a portion of the rice for me. A big piece of Chinese wax duck and Chinese sausage. Really good. I would give it a 10 if they could improve their rice cooking technique. The rice was a little wet. Rating: 8.5/10

Braised Abalone with mushrooms. It's actually braised Abalone mushrooms LA! This dish was ok. Rating: 6.5/10

Longan and sea coconut. Er...tasted like longan and sea coconut. Standard taste.

We were suppose to have a Chinese pastry as desert too but the service was really bad. There were long intervals between our dishes and the initially forgot about our desert.

The whole package cost RM418++. This is the cheapest one they have. Will I go back for food? Will, food was nice, but service wasn't. Maybe if I have time to spare.

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6 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

I always go to their sister branch, Unique Seafood, yet to try this place. I miss the Geoduck Sashimi..slurps!


Been to Pantai once. Only memorable thing is the service. We had to check on d status of our order a few times. So, never went back.


Food looks good. Dad complained about the service as well...I think I may be 'forced' to buy dinner at Unique when I am back. Hahah..any recommendations?


hmmm parking space kinda small!!!!!


Gong Xi Fa Chai! May there be abundance of blessing, prosperity and longevity for all!


precious pea: is their service there better?

tummythoz: The restaurant is packed not because of many customers... its only because of waiting customers. We had to check on our food many times too.

unkaleong: hahahahha forced??? I think you should go for the kind crab...yum yum

meiyen: hmm ok ma.. i did manage to find parking.. but then maybe I was early.

wmw: hehehhe year of the boar... must roast more pig and eat!!

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