Friday, March 30, 2007

Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant, Carey Island #2

Me and my friends made a very spontaneous decision to head to Carey Island for seafood last week. The lunch was quite a disappointment. My first trip there was better.

When my friends coconut came, the first think that came to my mind was "Not the fresh! How can! What is this? Coconut from the fridge?" Lucky I didn't order coconut. I stuck with Chinese tea.

Highlight dish of the lunch was not seafood, but the common farmer vegetable, sweet potato leafs. We ordered two plates some more! Rating: 9/10

Kong pow chicken lai lui har. The dish was still nice, but I think it tasted nicer the first time I had lunch there. Rating: 7.5/10

Hakka style steam fish. I so disappointed when I saw this. The "pak chong" (the fish) was soooo smallll. I was expecting an adult steam pak chong, not two kiddie fish. Thank god the fish was still sweet and the sourish sauce was good. Rating: 6/10

Kind of forgot what style of fried crab this is... something fragrant something. I like this. Not to salty and not to herby. Rating: 8/10

Crab in sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Wahhh tak boleh la! Very very bad. The sauce was not really sweet, not really sour, not really spicy. Total failure! Rating: 2/10

One question about crabs pop up during our lunch. "How to tell is the crab is fresh or not?" My dad says that if the crab meat sticks to the shell, the crab is fresh. But people say other wise. but for me, I rather like the crab meat not stick to the shell. Easier to eat.

Deep fried bread for the sweet, sour and spicy sauce. They used the wrong type of bread to deep fry. The bread was too tight and compact. I still like the deep fried bread in F1 restaurant in IOI Mall.

Hot plate tofu. Nothing to hoo haa about. Rating: 6.5/10

Total bill came up to about RM170++. Cheap. But don't think I'll be eating there anytime sooner. Both time I ate there they said they ran out of shell fish.

I need a place with good food and todi! hahahaha seafood is not seafood without the todi.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cream of mushroom pasta

Busy again... audit is starting on Monday ... lasting for the whole month.

Cream of mushroom pasta. Boil pasta, dump in some Campbell cream of mushrooms, chop some extra mushroom, capsicum, salt and pepper.

Simple and quick dish.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Peng, Singapore

I auntie who came back from Singapore three weeks ago bought back 3 boxes of Tau Sar Peng. According to my uncle, he likes to sit at the coffee shop and order one tau sar peng to complement with his black coffee. (He's a coffee addict!) During peak hours, it very difficult to buy them. Sometime you will need to queue up for 45 minutes until you reach the counter.

My aunt said this when I asked why 3 boxes? So many! How to finish?! "Aiyor, queue up so long already have to buy more only worth it ma." LOL!

No 639 Balestier Road, Singapore, 329922. Phone: +65 6253 4584. When this shop got its limelight, many other Tau Sar Peng shops pop up like mushrooms along the same road. So remember that this the Original and Only shop that sells their Tau Sar Peng.

So really "Best of the best?"

This Tau Sar Peng is noting like the ones from Penang. The pastry on this Peng is very loose and crispy with bitten. I think they used margarine instead of oil because the pastry smells fragrant with margarine smell when bitten. I really like the pastry.

On the inside is a rough paste like sweeten Tau Sar (crushed/smashed beans). I'm not a big fan of the inside. I didn't get to taste the salty ones, they might be better.

I still like the Penang Tau Sar Peng.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Japanese noodle pancake

When I was at LowYat to fix up my new PC, I took the opportunity to introduce to my friend the Japanese noodle pancake. I didn't feel it was that delicious... but just eat for fun lah.

Okonomiyaki Citarasa Asli Hiroshima is located at the lower ground floor of LowYat plaza, near all the ATM machine. There used to be another branch in Atria many years back but they closed shop.

The set menus are displayed at the front of the shop along with some new papaer reviews and a sample wax pancake.

I ordered the Kim Chi and beef stew. Kind of weird ordering the Kim Chi at a Japanese restaurant tho hehe.

The beef stew was quite ok. The soup was really thick, very well boiled. (Then I thought, maybe this was boiling for a new nights already.. left overs!) I didn't like the chunks of beef. Too stiff and dry on the inside. (Aiyor... sure left over soup one if not the beef won't be like that.) There was some jelly like thing in the stew too. Very nice.

(I know I know... my photo taking skills have not improved...It's the lighting la I tell you. The whole RBG is way off. Over exposed!) Kim chi was not really that nice.

We ate the beef stew and kim chi while waiting for our Japanese noodle pancake to cook. The chef really took a long time to prepare. Almost 30 minutes and there were no other guest!

No flash.

With flash.

After waiting a long time, licking clean the kim chi plate and beef stew bowl, our Japanese noodle pancake came. I forgot the name of this but it's a all in one. Seafood, vege, beef and pork. The bottom layer is starch heated on a hot plate, something like a crispy popiah skin. The layered with tons of sliced cabbage. Then fried bacon and beef strips. Then the Japanese noodles, not the udon but the soba type. Then more cabbage then topped with a thin layer of egg omelet. On top, some fried scallops and oyster with Japanese sweet sauce.

Overall it didn't really taste fantastic. I added more Japanese sweet sauce later on because the inside of the pancake was kind of tasteless.

But very very filling.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

work is like rojak

My company's employee evaluation session is around the corner. Everyone is panicking. One thing I dun understand is why panic? One is evaluated by his/her performance for the whole year... not for that one two months that you panic and butter up your work.

I'm more concern about my future in the company. I'm not afraid of losing my job because I have been doing a good job so far. The thing that is making me so rojak is that I have no idea what the company has installed for me. I'm doing a little of everything. It's so irritating that I'm reassigned to another responsibility when I just started to get familiarizes with my old responsibility.

I started of doing some tau foo responsibility that was way too ease to handle. Then something with a little more challenge like pealing a boiled egg perfectly. But its nothing much after that. Then came all the fried ingredients with a mixture of this and that. The onion that smells, the spring onions, the flour.. and all. Before I can learn all the ingredients I'm given a prawn to skin using spoons.

But then suddenly I'm full of sauce and just doing beans sprout, turnip and cucumber work.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Asam Laksa

All this talk about the asam laksa leafs made me remember I have a few old pictures of home made asam laksa.

Clock wise to the middle: Lime, pineapple, mint leaves, cucumber, onions, bunga kantan ("gulai hua" in Hokkien) and red chilies.

Not sure what goes into the soup but, fish for sure, blended gulai hua, serai, pineapple, asam jawa paste and that leaf used for perut ikan too. You see that slim and longish leaf at the bottom center? That leaf la... what's that leaf called? polygonum? (In Hokkien panggil apa ah?)

There are a few types of asam laksa. But I only eat first, and think later and don't know where each originates from. But the one my cooks is the Penang style I think hehehe

Let see if I right... foodies out there do help me out. There are still more types of asam laksa around.

Penang asam laksa. Originated from Penang? HAHAHA. Contains lots of pineapple so the soup is sweet and sourish. The wet asam jawa paste is used? "Ka mong/kampung" or "Char hu" fish is used?

Malay asam laksa. The soup is much thicker because the "Ka mong/kampong" fish is boiled together with the soup until it breaks. Mush spicier compared to the Penang version. And most malay asam laksa I have eaten uses the big clump or sour vegetable.. don't know what that is called tho.

Maggie Mee asam laksa. The soup contains MSG but only takes 2 minutes to cook. No fish but still taste nice!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Perut Ikan

Wahhhh Rasa Malaysia's perut ikan looks so nice laaaaa!!!!

Mine ah... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA no comment.

My recipe is a little different though. I don't put the coconut milk. but put in another type of leaf... don’t know what it is called but it is found in the Asam Laksa dish too.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heh bee and egg sandwich

When you have nothing else to eat,
When you have no leftovers,
When you have no ingredients to cook a decent meal,
You can dial 1-300-88-0241 can order a buy one free one Canadian Pizza.

I, instead made something ...well, it's just a weird combo. Like fried eggs and grapes. (My family still remember that.... I did it out of curiosity ;P Don't try it.)

Heh Bee egg sandwich?

I pounded heh bee until fine then fry it a little to make it crispy. Fried my egg then dump in the heh bee before the egg can cook. Put it between my last piece of bun.

Tasted ok... but just a weird eating it with bread. And yes, I did this back when I had lots of free time on my hands.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Homemade char siew

I forgot if I have shared my failed attempt to make home made char siew here or not.. so here I go again.

My friend gave me her recipe for char siew when we went to Meng Kee for char siew rice. I tried her recipe a few weeks after that...but kind of failed.

My char siew came out from the oven way way too moist. My max oven tempreture can only reach 220C, so I had to fry it with oil again to make it look more char siew like LOL!

char The sauce I made turned out too starchy too.

The char siew came out edible. But I think I can do much better the next time ...if there's a next time.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Noodle

Ate at One Noodle in Kepong just before Chinese New Year. I was told by my friend that this noodle house is a branch off of KTZ, the famous place for having chiese desert tong sui. I passed by SS2 and saw One Noodle at the corner, same row as KFC.

No.66 Jalan 7, Kepong Baru. Tel: 03-6252 9451 / 6252 9452.

The interior. Very simple and comfortable. But a little stuffy. Maybe I was there early and the air condition have not been on for a while yet.

Hot lemon tea. Looks ok, but don't know how it taste like.

My Yin Yong. I still don't think any cafe or restaurant can make Yin Yong as nice as Kim Gary's.

Raspberry ribena ice blended thing. comment on this either.

I ate the BBQ hot sauce la mien. Really not my taste. Not even that spicy.

Wantan soup la mien, that I believe no matter what would taste better.

Don't think I'll drop by again. There are just too many Hongkie style restaurants and noodle shops that easily serve better food than One Noodle.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Fried Por Choy Crab

There are a few type of fried crabs that you will not find in restaurant menus. One of which is the honey with por choy crab.

Por choy is some sort of salted preserved vegetables, finely chopped. I usually have this with porridge or fried with eggs to make por choy omelet. My mom came up with the idea one day of frying por choy crab while eating por choy omelet.

- crab, cleaned, chopped, and shell cracked
- few cloves of garlic chopped finely
- a tablepoon of thick sweet black soya sauce
- por choy, rinsed
- a tablespoon(s) of honey
- a cup of water

1. Heat wok. Pour oil and heat oil.
2. Add garlic and por choy and fry until fragrant and dry.
3. Remove from wok.
4. Reheat work. Add crab. Stir for 15 seconds and add water, honey and black soya sauce. Close the cover and let the crab cook for a few minutes.
5. Oven the lid and fry until dry.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Banana ice cream waffle

Noticed the lack of updates? ....well my PC failed on me when I got back from Genting. Didn't have time to fix this because I was too sick from food poisoning and things at work is killing. Anyway, I promise short updates until I buy fix my PC.

There is this waffle, ice cream and Dorayaki cake booth in front of cold storage KLCC. I tried the waffle and ...

Banana ice cream waffle. Horrible Terrible Vegetable!

I have eaten the waffle sandwiched with peanut butter and chocolate before and it taste better that way. The waffle is quite thin and crispy, it didn't really go well eaten on a plate. Banana was still not ripe.

The ice cream was quite good though. It actually could match up to Baskin Robin's ice creams.

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