Saturday, March 17, 2007

Asam Laksa

All this talk about the asam laksa leafs made me remember I have a few old pictures of home made asam laksa.

Clock wise to the middle: Lime, pineapple, mint leaves, cucumber, onions, bunga kantan ("gulai hua" in Hokkien) and red chilies.

Not sure what goes into the soup but, fish for sure, blended gulai hua, serai, pineapple, asam jawa paste and that leaf used for perut ikan too. You see that slim and longish leaf at the bottom center? That leaf la... what's that leaf called? polygonum? (In Hokkien panggil apa ah?)

There are a few types of asam laksa. But I only eat first, and think later and don't know where each originates from. But the one my cooks is the Penang style I think hehehe

Let see if I right... foodies out there do help me out. There are still more types of asam laksa around.

Penang asam laksa. Originated from Penang? HAHAHA. Contains lots of pineapple so the soup is sweet and sourish. The wet asam jawa paste is used? "Ka mong/kampung" or "Char hu" fish is used?

Malay asam laksa. The soup is much thicker because the "Ka mong/kampong" fish is boiled together with the soup until it breaks. Mush spicier compared to the Penang version. And most malay asam laksa I have eaten uses the big clump or sour vegetable.. don't know what that is called tho.

Maggie Mee asam laksa. The soup contains MSG but only takes 2 minutes to cook. No fish but still taste nice!

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13 pieces of worms:


Hahaha... you like the Maggi asam laksa de! There's more laksa around although a)not asam version and b)not widely available such as Sarawak laksa. Eee.. I wan the Sarawak laksa.. :(

team BSG

but V r sure de Pangkor Laksa is best...( esp de Malay style in Teluk Nipah & the Hokkian one near da Great Wall).

Actually laksa is like gals, some this some that but great all da same ! tho some more so ( ?)


Looks like you do quite a far bit of cooking....when will this tai ka cheh of yours get to try it out? ;o)


ka mong is kembong in malay. english is one type of mackerel. next time our first potluck, you bring this ok :p


jason: yeahhh... is there Laksa Shank in Ipoh? There's like many types of laska i didnt know about there also.


bsg: i like the one in pekan...conner shop facing the new shop lots... must go try the ones u said when im in pangkor

wmw: my mom cooked this laksa.. if i cook ...maybe you might get food poisoning leh LOL

babe_kl: lol.. no confident with laksa yet.. maggie mee one boleh lah


teckiee: Don't have that here... maybe I'll review some of those famous local laksa in Ipoh one fine day. Now cant do that cos start feeling a bit "heaty" :(

Precious Pea

Cintan Assam Laksa also not too bad.

MeiyeN actually cook da assam-laksa?? looks so appetizing! when can i try it? :p


For Pg version, must remember d 'hae-koh' (prawn paste).

Rasa Malaysia

BSG - I think Penang laksa is the best...aiya, where is Lucia when I need her to support me?

Teckiee - your mother's assam laksa looks very good. I will have to make this some time, but I don't have hae ko...forgot to smuggle them back. :(

Xiu Long Bao

haha, the maggie asam laksa not enoh oommpphh la. Wat noodles did u use? The strands look quite thin to me.


jason: hm now when i think of it...hard to find asam laksa in ipoh. but the curry laksa nice. no santan.

precious pea: tasted cintan one before.. somehow im still a maggie fan

meiyen: heheh my mom not me ;P

tummmythoz: yes yes! ahahah the most ingredient! ...cant believe i forgot to mention

RM: LOL! Penang laksa got the pig's blood which I love! US dun sell har kou? I tot quite famous there oso?

xiu long bau: lol for 2 minutes... still ok la. I used the thick mee hoon only. Didnt get the normal fat rounded noodles

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