Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Banana ice cream waffle

Noticed the lack of updates? ....well my PC failed on me when I got back from Genting. Didn't have time to fix this because I was too sick from food poisoning and things at work is killing. Anyway, I promise short updates until I buy fix my PC.

There is this waffle, ice cream and Dorayaki cake booth in front of cold storage KLCC. I tried the waffle and ...

Banana ice cream waffle. Horrible Terrible Vegetable!

I have eaten the waffle sandwiched with peanut butter and chocolate before and it taste better that way. The waffle is quite thin and crispy, it didn't really go well eaten on a plate. Banana was still not ripe.

The ice cream was quite good though. It actually could match up to Baskin Robin's ice creams.

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9 pieces of worms:


Ah.. probably A&W served better ones?


food poisoning? ate too much ar?

anw, i tried something new last week. it's called snow ice. supposed to have in msia, but not sure where. it's like snow "ice-cream". pretty cool.

im going again this sat, hopefully. will take some pcis to show ya. i think it will be the Next Big Thing after erm, bubble tea.. :S


Mmm...those that they sell at the supermarket areas quite nice. The ones you said, peanut butter and chocolate or just honey and butter! Yum!

Lee Ping Chong

How awful! What is the thing in the middle of the waffle?

Melting Wok

Hope you're feeling better by now :) Am sorry bout your waffle, darn, I know how it feels when it comes to sweet things like that, you so look forward to it, and then when it came like that..arghh..totally frustrated !! They don't allow refunds/exchange ? hehe


jason: yup yup..but a&w ice cream not that nice

wen: i think the lamb wasnt cooked enough... =(

wmw: they have the same stall infront of 1U giant

ping chong: the ice cream.. yum yum

melting wok: no refunds....unless maybe i find someone's hair in it hehe


talking about hair, my senior colleague told me that when she was working in asian cafe, this kweilo complained to the thai auntie that there's hair in the soup....and the auntie just point to u-know-where and said "oh the hair from downstairs"


i think he left even without a refund. lol.


wen: LOL ^^


HI Teckiee

Sorry to hear abt yr food poisoning..guess thats a job related hazard when u r a foodie :p..
hope u r feling much better and get back into the saddle sooner!

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