Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heh bee and egg sandwich

When you have nothing else to eat,
When you have no leftovers,
When you have no ingredients to cook a decent meal,
You can dial 1-300-88-0241 can order a buy one free one Canadian Pizza.

I, instead made something ...well, it's just a weird combo. Like fried eggs and grapes. (My family still remember that.... I did it out of curiosity ;P Don't try it.)

Heh Bee egg sandwich?

I pounded heh bee until fine then fry it a little to make it crispy. Fried my egg then dump in the heh bee before the egg can cook. Put it between my last piece of bun.

Tasted ok... but just a weird eating it with bread. And yes, I did this back when I had lots of free time on my hands.

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13 pieces of worms:


Wowo....this is really a cute combination. I guess u should add some sambal belacan to yr bread and top with some mayo....hehe, just kidding. Suggestion to u, actually u can ring BSG seems they are so so so .... like u


you're the sifu, woman. fried egg with grapes! lol.


Ha ha ha ha....ROFL...So cute lah you!


Er.. what's heh bee? *wink wink*


Heh bee...dried shrimp? Wouldn't it taste salty?


But I like sambal heh-bee buns. U are definitely 1 innovative curious cook! Fry eggs with grapes? Priceless.

Precious Pea

Hahaha, now am really curious how fry eggs with grapes taste like.


Hi teckiee,

i just learned that if you zoom in on your food and set your camera to "food" or "flower" it will make the food more appetizing. Check out blogs like ugwug or yummydummy. I am still in the learning process, but if you have questions, feel free to ask me. Actually, I think the hamburger that you made looks delicious. It must taste good since you get fresh heh bee there. You can't really go wrong with fresh heh bee. As usual, keep up the good work!!!


jackson: eh actually thats not a bad idea.. like eating roti john

wen, wmw: hehehe fun for the brain ma.. but i kena scolding after that man

jason, tokyo_nights: Yup, heh bee as in dried shrimps. Heh bee in hokien, In canto its har mai

tummythoz: yeah me too!! i ate this tom yam heh bee bun once.. really nice!

precious pea: you wont want to try it... the grapes watered...so imagine fried scrambled eggs with grape juice... not nice lah

lee ping: thanks for the tip. Bee Yinn of Rasa Malaysia gave me that tip too but I cant seem to get the pictures right... i blame it on my camera! hehehe.... sometimes the lighting just kills my shots... and my close up always turn blur... my focus not good enuff


Hi Teckiee,

I used to have that problems as well. Thanks to UGWUG (do check out her website). I think she is also a Malaysian. There is a "best shot" view for food or flower. Set it to that before you take your photo. My digital camera is not too expensive and I have that option. So, check out the manual of your camera. Good Luck!

Rasa Malaysia

Very creative...I am sure it's better than those boring MacD's burgers...


Next time try add some tomyam paste to the heh bee before saute it.. :P


leeping: hehe yeahh she's my tai ka che!!!! LOL!

RM: LOL... not for Ang Mo's taste tho

jason: hahahah yup yup... must try actually.. make roti johh with it muahahha

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