Monday, March 12, 2007

Homemade char siew

I forgot if I have shared my failed attempt to make home made char siew here or not.. so here I go again.

My friend gave me her recipe for char siew when we went to Meng Kee for char siew rice. I tried her recipe a few weeks after that...but kind of failed.

My char siew came out from the oven way way too moist. My max oven tempreture can only reach 220C, so I had to fry it with oil again to make it look more char siew like LOL!

char The sauce I made turned out too starchy too.

The char siew came out edible. But I think I can do much better the next time ...if there's a next time.

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8 pieces of worms:


teckiee: you'll get it eventually on your next attempt ;)


No post no post. Suddenly everyday ber-post-post. Good to 'read' you again.

Lee Ping Chong

I have seen the starchy sauce before. This recipe perhaps is to make the fillings for Char Siu Pao. Still, I would like to commend you on your efforts.


jason: hehehe if i would attempt again ;p .. lz la.. very "ma fan" process

tummythoz: hehehe covering the missing days

lee ping: ahhh like that i better make char siew pau the next time!

Melting Wok

teckie, I did mine on previous post. Btw, trial and error, when I first made mine in oven, it went disaster, dry and toast coz of the maltose, sugar gets burn and turns brown fast. So, I use broiling method instead. Nevermind, its still edible looking what, like kicap hitam manis porky siu lor :)


Heh... then buy the char siew for your fav stall instead :P


i actually tried to make char siu here once, with the recipe you sent me. i put it in the oven. the meat was ok = edible, but the sauce too starchy too :((


melting wok: maybe yours u can put more sauce when u bake... dry better than wet lo

jason: yeahhh lo. save time and hassle. Imbi Palace have really good char siew and siew yoke too!!!

wen: hehehehe make char siew pau like lee ping suggested hehehhehahahaha

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