Thursday, March 22, 2007

Japanese noodle pancake

When I was at LowYat to fix up my new PC, I took the opportunity to introduce to my friend the Japanese noodle pancake. I didn't feel it was that delicious... but just eat for fun lah.

Okonomiyaki Citarasa Asli Hiroshima is located at the lower ground floor of LowYat plaza, near all the ATM machine. There used to be another branch in Atria many years back but they closed shop.

The set menus are displayed at the front of the shop along with some new papaer reviews and a sample wax pancake.

I ordered the Kim Chi and beef stew. Kind of weird ordering the Kim Chi at a Japanese restaurant tho hehe.

The beef stew was quite ok. The soup was really thick, very well boiled. (Then I thought, maybe this was boiling for a new nights already.. left overs!) I didn't like the chunks of beef. Too stiff and dry on the inside. (Aiyor... sure left over soup one if not the beef won't be like that.) There was some jelly like thing in the stew too. Very nice.

(I know I know... my photo taking skills have not improved...It's the lighting la I tell you. The whole RBG is way off. Over exposed!) Kim chi was not really that nice.

We ate the beef stew and kim chi while waiting for our Japanese noodle pancake to cook. The chef really took a long time to prepare. Almost 30 minutes and there were no other guest!

No flash.

With flash.

After waiting a long time, licking clean the kim chi plate and beef stew bowl, our Japanese noodle pancake came. I forgot the name of this but it's a all in one. Seafood, vege, beef and pork. The bottom layer is starch heated on a hot plate, something like a crispy popiah skin. The layered with tons of sliced cabbage. Then fried bacon and beef strips. Then the Japanese noodles, not the udon but the soba type. Then more cabbage then topped with a thin layer of egg omelet. On top, some fried scallops and oyster with Japanese sweet sauce.

Overall it didn't really taste fantastic. I added more Japanese sweet sauce later on because the inside of the pancake was kind of tasteless.

But very very filling.

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9 pieces of worms:


Ek... leftover soup?? Aiks.. the pancake look so strange (to me cos never see such thing b4)


I always see this place whenever waiting in queue at the ATM nearby. I've never tasted it with noodles as the ones I have tried are made with batter. Think people have quite a few choices when they eat here as these places are always packed during the weekends. Did you see the turkish guy selling ice cream in front of Shokudo?


Hi Teckiee,
I guess you won't be going back to that store again?
Happy Blogging....


That pancake don't look appetising with or without flash. Sorry.

Precious Pea

I tot leftover soup got angin??


Tried eating there once but not the best. I remember eating at a stall in UE3 (longgg time ago) where the owner is a Japanese lady. They cook the food themselves so it was of course superb.

Not sure if it's the same owner in Low Yat now, but if it is it's definitely not up to standard. Cause in Low Yat they hired some ppl to cook for us. :( I'm still looking for a great okonomiyaki stall.


jason: nothing special.. layers of ingredients and noodles only

boo: no ice cream man... but i saw one of those in sungai wang before.. with pail of ice cream and bell one right?

leeping: yeh.. expensive somemore

tummythoz: smells better than it looks....but too bad most of the parts were tasteless

precious pea: eh isit? cant remember if i ... er... lol

cookies: ahhh UE3 very quiet but there got quite nice food hor. Nothing fancy but really good food


tried this place long time ago and my we definitely like their pancakes!


meuyen: i think they jatuh standard already.. dont seem to be so nice anymore

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