Sunday, March 25, 2007

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Peng, Singapore

I auntie who came back from Singapore three weeks ago bought back 3 boxes of Tau Sar Peng. According to my uncle, he likes to sit at the coffee shop and order one tau sar peng to complement with his black coffee. (He's a coffee addict!) During peak hours, it very difficult to buy them. Sometime you will need to queue up for 45 minutes until you reach the counter.

My aunt said this when I asked why 3 boxes? So many! How to finish?! "Aiyor, queue up so long already have to buy more only worth it ma." LOL!

No 639 Balestier Road, Singapore, 329922. Phone: +65 6253 4584. When this shop got its limelight, many other Tau Sar Peng shops pop up like mushrooms along the same road. So remember that this the Original and Only shop that sells their Tau Sar Peng.

So really "Best of the best?"

This Tau Sar Peng is noting like the ones from Penang. The pastry on this Peng is very loose and crispy with bitten. I think they used margarine instead of oil because the pastry smells fragrant with margarine smell when bitten. I really like the pastry.

On the inside is a rough paste like sweeten Tau Sar (crushed/smashed beans). I'm not a big fan of the inside. I didn't get to taste the salty ones, they might be better.

I still like the Penang Tau Sar Peng.

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17 pieces of worms:


I also like the Penang biscuit, simply pop it into the mouth. Don't really like those bigger size ones cos they tend to break once bitten.


the size n shape was so different with Malaysia one..... I guess will vote for Penang one..hehe

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

looks yum. Another piece of Singaporeana which is supposed to be yummy is a "tau hweay" call Rochor Tau Hweay or Tau foo fa.

Luv the stuff. Will probably go search for it when I go down in a couple of weeks.


I agree with you, the Singapore's tau sar peng ain't any special. I prefers the Penang's much much more.


Looks big! I prefer the bite sized Penang versions :)


jason: hmm for me the bigger ones always not so nice... maybe different brand or something.. but never did come across a nice bg tau sar peng

jackson: the whole tau sar peng is different actually.. the filling and the pastry also diff

allan @ nigel: tau hweay = tau foo far? I think soya bean products there are much nicer.. even all their soya bean seems to be nicer (...McDs also nicer, Buger King also nicer, Sushi also nicer...LOL)

tankiasu: hehehe i think maybe we are not used to their tau sar peng

unkaleong: yeahh eating the big ones are messy. all the crumbs here and there

Precious Pea

I think my doggie would love the Singapore version, cos when i bite, he will then have to clean up the bits and pieces for me..hehe.


I think Pea will like these biscuits! Never knew Spore was famous for tau sar pneah. Thxs for the insight.


Haha, not only m unaware of S'pore's famous biscuits, but d better soya bean quality there too. Now I'll know what drink to order whenever I'm there. Thx all.


teckiee: I dun think there's bigger version of pg's tau sar peng :p


tau sar peng.... no idea what that is :P bean paste? peng?

Keropok Man

this stall's not bad right?

very diff from Penang style. but tasty.

the last time I was there, no queue ;-) we went 2 plus, after lunch hour on a weekday.

haha.. if you want to see the 'jiao pai' you can see it here.


Ee Chian

precious pea: hahahaha is your dog helping you to "lap meja" or "lap lantai"?

boo: Singapore is famous for their bbq pork meat also. Did you know that the original company actually patten their packing of the "long yoke"...

tummythoz: Ahhh yes yes.. the soya bean very nice!!

jason: Got got. Also round and flat one. Comes in a paper cylinder packing.

Kay: Tau means beans. Sar means sand. So in a ways it's crushed beans... made in to paste ..something like that. Peng is biscuit. Bean Sand Biscuits... LOL!

keropokman: I want to try the salty one.. the sweet one not really my taste. Really like the pastry!

Precious Pea

Currently lap lantai only as he is not allowed to go beyond the chair. But once my dad left a bowl of beaten eggs unattended on the table...and the next thing i knew, Pea jumped up on the table and finished the whole bowl of egg. I was in shock since my dad also put in pepper and soya sauce.


Precious pea: WAHHHH got potential! hehehehehhhahaha

Melting Wok

I like tau sar beng and ma tai souuuuu *sob sob* :( Especially ma tai souuuuu *sob sob sob sob* :PP


melting wok: hmmm hard to get in US hor?

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