Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Noodle

Ate at One Noodle in Kepong just before Chinese New Year. I was told by my friend that this noodle house is a branch off of KTZ, the famous place for having chiese desert tong sui. I passed by SS2 and saw One Noodle at the corner, same row as KFC.

No.66 Jalan 7, Kepong Baru. Tel: 03-6252 9451 / 6252 9452.

The interior. Very simple and comfortable. But a little stuffy. Maybe I was there early and the air condition have not been on for a while yet.

Hot lemon tea. Looks ok, but don't know how it taste like.

My Yin Yong. I still don't think any cafe or restaurant can make Yin Yong as nice as Kim Gary's.

Raspberry ribena ice blended thing. comment on this either.

I ate the BBQ hot sauce la mien. Really not my taste. Not even that spicy.

Wantan soup la mien, that I believe no matter what would taste better.

Don't think I'll drop by again. There are just too many Hongkie style restaurants and noodle shops that easily serve better food than One Noodle.

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9 pieces of worms:


i can tell you how the lemon tea and wantan soup taste like. normal. but it's still good food compared to what i eat here everyday. lol.

u ever been to soo kee for their prawn wantan hor fun near my church? just opposite the seapark market, same row as ayamas. they sold out when i went there for lunch before i left the airport. argh! hope they will still be there when i go back.

p/s i didn't get to eat the soo kee ngau yuk hor in imbi rd too :"(

Precious Pea

I went to their SS2 branches twice. First time I had their Seafood La Mien, nothing to shout about. Second time, we ordered their dishes, quite tasty especially their braised beef brisket with tendons. But my fren went to try their beef brisket and told us not i guess they don't have quality control.

team BSG

v know what u mean !
dis type of cafes are for hip hop ( or something like that ) youngsters to hop hip 2 get noticed...hahaha
u certainly can be noticed anywhere hehehe dats 4 sure...


i went to da ss2 branch last year and never return.. :p


wen: aisheh.. nvm we go makan with u are back again

precious pea: maybe the chef that can cook is not in shift yet?

bsg: hmmm there are better place (with better food) to be seen in....dun think this noodle place will have much customers

meiyen: same for kepong! .. dont think i'll try the ss2 one either


Em.. the dishes presentation didn't turn me on :p


For good Yin Yong drink, try HK Express in SS2! Better than Kim Gary in my opinion. Some food is mediocre in One Noodle whereas some are not too bad. This is my friend's favourite place to eat when she comes down from Cheras! One man's meat is another man's poison. I have a collection of photos by now! Ha ha ha...


jason: looks not good.. eat also not good

wmw: hmm maybe is the no standard in the cooking. sometimes nice sometimes not nice. maybe i should give it a second try. got to try hk express for yin yong too!

Oscar's Mommy

hey its my first time here... nice blog. i went to this same restaurant in SS2.. you can check out my site cos i think KimGary's Yin Yeong still the best!!!

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