Thursday, March 15, 2007

Perut Ikan

Wahhhh Rasa Malaysia's perut ikan looks so nice laaaaa!!!!

Mine ah... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA no comment.

My recipe is a little different though. I don't put the coconut milk. but put in another type of leaf... don’t know what it is called but it is found in the Asam Laksa dish too.

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10 pieces of worms:


Hi Teckiee,

Is it called lime leaf. The scientific name is polygonum. I remembered the first time I found that leaf, I was so excited because I was making Asam Laksa in the US.

Before you take your photo, sprinkle some shredded fresh lime leaf. It will make the photo more appetizing. Other than the looks, I am sure that it tasted great.


Yup, really lokks very different from rasa malaysia's. Maybe due to d amount of chillies?


What shld it look like? More chillies like RMsia's or like yours? Never mind, don't care as long as it tastes good. So when do we get to sample it?

Rasa Malaysia

Hey Teckiee - there are two kinds of perut ikan, one sour one and one lemak. I cook the lemak one, hence the coconut milk.

For the color, just use lots of chilies to bring out the red.

Anyway, I also used the laksa leaves, it's called "polygonum leaves" here...go figure.


leeping: hehehe i want busy thinking about eating...didnt really focus on the food deco...hehehhe

tummythoz: hmmm actually ah.. mine no chilie. I think different style.

boo: LOL i honestly don't know. I think mine is the sour type? and RM's the lemak type?

RM: Ahhh i didnt know there's 2 type... got to ask my mom to try your recipe too. Since young i have only tried the non lemak type.

Rasa Malaysia

Maybe Penang one different lah...or maybe it's my aunt recipe? Either way, it's very very very good. :)


watever leaves, am sure they must have tasted fantastic

Melting Wok

what no need comment ? aiyaa..most good food don't appear to be beautiful one, aitel u. anyway, laksa leaves also called mint leaves, maybe ur mom put daun kesom too ya ? small, pointy ones ?


Eh, can I know a little bit more about perut ikan? Cause I was kinda confused with the name and the photo displayed. :)


RM: Maybe north and south style different gua.. the hokien also a bit diff lol

MW: eh yah yahh ..long and pointy one.. the batang very scronny one. So many idea which is which already.

CC: Hehehe honestly I'm blur also now. But perut ikan is basically a nonya dish where the fish stomach is used as one of the main ingredients. According to RM, there's two types of perut ikan, one with lemak one with out. Her's with the lemak, mine without.

If you want to try without cooking, you can go to Restaurant Tanjung Bunga is located in Cheow Yang SS2, PJ, the same row as the Cheow Yang coffeeshop.

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