Monday, March 19, 2007

work is like rojak

My company's employee evaluation session is around the corner. Everyone is panicking. One thing I dun understand is why panic? One is evaluated by his/her performance for the whole year... not for that one two months that you panic and butter up your work.

I'm more concern about my future in the company. I'm not afraid of losing my job because I have been doing a good job so far. The thing that is making me so rojak is that I have no idea what the company has installed for me. I'm doing a little of everything. It's so irritating that I'm reassigned to another responsibility when I just started to get familiarizes with my old responsibility.

I started of doing some tau foo responsibility that was way too ease to handle. Then something with a little more challenge like pealing a boiled egg perfectly. But its nothing much after that. Then came all the fried ingredients with a mixture of this and that. The onion that smells, the spring onions, the flour.. and all. Before I can learn all the ingredients I'm given a prawn to skin using spoons.

But then suddenly I'm full of sauce and just doing beans sprout, turnip and cucumber work.

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Precious Pea

Hahaha...well-described. I have my fair share of frustration at work too...but at least your company practicing evaluation. Mine? Early of the year talk about KPI...end of the year, no evaluation, everyone get the same thing. So why do so much work? Not that am going to get more share. So frust!


Ah least my future is certain, I'll be back for good in September!Hahahah...Just finished the evaluation for 2006, turns out I did a pretty good job and got a nice increment to boot ;)

Jack (Jill int his case) of all trades, master of none? I get that feeling to most of the times at work. Everything pau. *haiz...


What an original idea! Realise u did not write about a happy thing but reading it had me smile. Hope u score big in your coming evaluation/appraisal!


Yea, my company has just started to give me some eggs to peal now. Not much tau foo anymore. No idea what's going to be next.

Oh well, that's corporate world isn't it? ;)


Heh.. nice job description. Now that my colleague resigned, I'm pretty sure that I'll required to 'pau' the tau foo slicing and peanut sprinkling. Wish that you pass the evaluation with flying colours ;)


haha i loved your description... once a foodie always a foodie!!! YAY!


precious pea: go set 1 to 1 meeting with your boss la.. like that KPI very good also noone know

unkaleong: So true on the Jack of all trades, master of none. Want to look for other job also cannot.. not qualified cos all i know is rojak

tummythoz: so ironic hor? hehehe

tankiasu: *sign* yeah... i guess thats just part and parcel or it.

jason: ahhh make sure its a clean hand over man.. u wont want to wipe up ppl's sauce!

babe_kl: just with work is more delicious lol!

Rasa Malaysia

Hey Ee Chien,

Chin are so young, so take the rojak experience now as your learning process. Learn a little here and there, and who knows in the future it might come in handy.

Good luck with your evaluation. If they don't see the potential in you, then they are blind. :)


:D so funny..... anyways, work sometimes can be really sucky... how i wish $$$$$ would just drop from da sky...... :p


RM: Thanks!

Meiyen: hmmm no need drop from sky la... grow on trees also can hehehe ;p


When making rojak - sometimes preparation is always tough but it makes up for the fact when you have the yummy plate filled with all the items coated with some spicy sauce.

Hope the evals go well and don't worry too much.

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