Sunday, April 29, 2007

Turmeric fish

Me and my mom totally hate cooking anything with kunyit (turmeric) because it stain the knives, chopping board, the pestle and mortar and our hands! Makes the hands look so yellow yellow dirty fellow. Unhealthy hands. There are many brands of turmeric powder sold in the supermarkets but turmeric always taste nicer with its fiber.

Lucky for me, I have someone to help out now with all the hard work. Nyek nyek *evil*.

- fish, small flaky fish ones works well (Small sardine/tune, Ka Mong fish, Bak Hu Fish)
- lots of old turmeric
- salt
- pepper

1. Chop the turmeric up to small bits and continue to break them fiber with a pestle and mortar.

2. Add salt. Add more salt as the turmeric paste will taste more bland with mixed with meat. Add pepper until it gives the slight burn in the mouth. Mix.

3. Chop up your fish and marinate for 30 minutes with the turmeric paste. You can also slice them in the middle and stuff the paste into the fish. But key thing is to cover the whole fish in the paste.

4. To cook, heat your wok first. When hot, add the oil and heat. Then add the fish to fry. (This process will make sure that your fish won't stick to the wok when you try to flip it.

5. Serve while hot.

I always go for the fish head. My mom loves to split the head into two then marinate. All the turmeric gets in there! Same goes for chicken. I love the ribs because the paste gets stuck in between the bones. Yum yum!

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Floggers gathers at Sandias

A really big thank you goes out to Boo. If not for her, there won't even be any gathering. And if not for her directions, I would have been lost some where between Sri Hartamas and Bukit Damansara.

The gathering was held in Sandias in conjunction of the Martell Presents KLue RSVP event. Was awesome to see the good turn out, and to finally meet all the foodies in person. Not going to do a roll call because #1 there were so many of us. 2#Sad to say I could only remember the names of half the foodies there. But never the less, look to your left of the screen to find links to them.

The free flow of peach juice with Martel and green tea with Martel. And of course, Martel on the rocks, and the rocks itself.

The bread came, to indicate we should all sit down and start dinner. But the only think I saw everyone doing was whipping out their cameras and feeding them with pictures of bread. LOL!

Sopa de Calabaza Con Salad. Creamy pumpkin soup with a dollop of pico de gallo salsa. Got to taste this a little from Jackson's plate. Tasted ok, but I wonder if Zuup Cafe in 1 Utama serves better and stronger pumpkin soup.

Taquitos Fritos. Hand rolled tortillas, filled with minced chicken seasoned with cilantro and onion, garnished with fresh cream, cheese, salsa verde and lettuce. I liked the minced chicken, but the tortillas were soaked up in oil. (The thing about deep frying is that you will need to turn up the heat before you remove your deep fried food. This will make sure more oil will drain off leaving a crisp and less oily thing.) If you leave that on the table long enough, it will turn soggy really quick. The salsa was missing something too.

Pollo a la Castellana. Sautéed and braised quarter chicken topped with a rich full bodied sauce of nuts , fennel and dried chili seeds. I didn't try this, but Jason mention the seeds were good. Should have tried some from TanKiasu's plate. hehe.

Vegetable Enchiladas. Lemon sole in a tomato salsa with pimentos, olives, capers and oregano. I could smell the tomato salsa on the fish when I firstly open this. But some how when I tasted it, was missing something. The rice was lovely, one biji one biji rice.


18 sx. Click [+] to expand.

I think it was Nigel who first commented on the square red "Rise Above" boxes on the table. Don't it look like they are giving out condoms? Durex, Rise Above... HAHAHAHA

And then on FFB's plate... LOL!

Poster Helado de Limon. Layered gallet and frozen lime cream accompanied by a strawberry couli. This is my first Mexican desert. Not sure how this should taste like but I didn't like it. The frozen lime cream is not sour. Should it be sour? The Layered gallet tasted thin layers of like the Chinese dragon rice cake (often sold during Chinese New Year) put together. Don't know man... maybe it's just me.

The food highlight for the day for me was actually this.

For this I really got to thank Nigel. Thank you! I'm so glad I went for the after party.

Chocolate and cheese. The chocolate that is moist and sweet to the right level, cheese that complements the chocolate is really really Just Heavenly.

Take a fork at the cake, sink your tongue into it... *rahhhhhhhhh harrrrr haaaaaaaaaa* (imagine god descending to earth with those ray of light). That’s how good the cake is. Ohh for full effect close your eyes. Hehehe.

When is the next gathering? ..Oh and send me your photos!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Secret Recipe

I can't stand Secret Recipe's cakes any longer. I eat too much of them. All taste the same to me now. Yuck. Buy brownies? Anyway short post, short text.

Ice lemon tea.

When my friend ordered the long black, I didn't imagine it would come in a short and round cup. HAHAHAHA .... I'm not the coffee person. Does long black just mean kopi-O?

This chicken with herbs is actually not bad. I didn't expect it at all actually. I usually don't prefer to eat in Secret Recipe but I know what to order the next time around.

Fish and chips. A little too dry on the inside for my taste.

Chicken Cordon Bleu. Is that hw you spell it? Looks over fried to me. The last time I at this, the meat was so dry inside. I did not enjoy it at all. I think Alex and Heather's will taste even better. LOL!

Lamb shank. Not sure how this taste.

Chickedee chop with mushroom sauce. Looks good, but then again, looks can be deceiving.

Last but not least, banana split.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Menglembu groundnuts

Ma-ni-mong (in Cantonese) or Menglembu (in Bahasa Malaysia) or meng-moo-moo (in Teckiee's head) is famous for two things. Street hawker food at night and their groundnuts!

Meng-moo-moo is located in Perak, just out north about 20 minutes drive from the Ipoh city center. My mom's parents stays in Lahat which is just a 5 minutes drive away from Meng-moo-moo. Remember to get the groundnuts if you are there or passing by.

The pack in the picture is a one kg pack. ...My mom love it so much she bought 5 kgs!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Wax meat

Wax food. The first think that comes to people's mind when I saw wax and food in a same sentence are those pretty non edible wax food decoration you find displayed up front in the restaurant as a sample. I saw this child biting into a calamari ring once, only to find it was not edible. She cried. Kind of cute hehehe.

Wax luncheon. LOL!

All the wax you can find .... some how the word wax reminds me of Perfume: The Story of a murderer. Just love that movie!

Wax pork strip. I have always heard of waxed chicken but have never seen or hear of waxed port strip until my mom made this. The waxed meat is boiled until soft then steamed again before it is being sliced and serverd. Boiling makes the meat softer and removing some of the wax to it.

Chicken shreds aka "kai see". This is a vegetarian dish cooked by stir frying young ginger, shreed oyster mushrooms and some vegetarian oyster sauce together.

Bean curd chicken cubes. A very simple dish for the lazy cook. Just a little garlic, oil, chicken and a few cubes of beancurd.

Bitter gourd. Eeekkk I just dont like bitter gourd cooked in anyway so I have no comment on all bitter gourd dishes.

Boiled vegetables with garlic oil dressing.

This is the rice normally served with the waxed meat. This rice is usually fried until cooked with water and other fragrant ingredients. My mom was kind of lazy so she just cooked the rice the normal way.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Demi Tasse

Don't know why people in my office hoo haa about this place so much. Over rated man.

Demi Tasse is located in Wisma Cosway on the 1st floor. Lot 1.81. Just walk in and up the escalator, look back on you right and you will be able to see this place.

While when I was queuing up, I saw all the pasta and pies. They looked really good.

Some apple pie.

Curry chicken and the quarter roasted chicken.

...but hor... look nice only. I didn't think it tasted wonderful.

This is their nasi lemak with no lemak in the nasi.

Quarter chicken...that looks good only. It was just so so.

This was really weird because the top part looked like cheese. But tasted like egg. Kind of reminded me of Macros Pizza. Totally bland.

Chicken mushroom pie. Fail. The crust is over baked and really hard.

The food deco is really nice. Outlook of the food also not bad. But maybe I was just expecting something more. All the built up let me down.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tsugaru shoten

Tsugaru shoten = Sugar shorten? ... short sweeten biscuit? Whatever the translation, this is a must try for anyone who loves Japanese biscuits.

I was doing a little shopping in Isetan during the week and I came across this setup stall in front of the Isetan grocery exit. Two kawaii (Cute in Japanese) woman was wrapping these biscuits that was roasted by a Japanese man.

The flour is kneaded and roll out flat and into circles. The Japanese then took the nuts (almonds, pistachios or ground nuts) in his palms, arranged them, and lay the piece of dough on top. The dough is then put into this tong like BBQ utensil. It's like the "kepit" for the Love Letters except this one is much thicker and is hollow. The utensil is left on top of the BBQ stove until it turns into the biscuit.

But the biscuits is quite expensive. RM18.80 for 6 pieces.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Airline meals

Something for the "Thank God Is Friday". Enjoy the food! (...and the laugh)

Japan Air

Kuwait Airways

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Air Canada

Air India

China Air

Iran Air

Jamaican Airways

Air Asia.

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