Friday, April 13, 2007

Airline meals

Something for the "Thank God Is Friday". Enjoy the food! (...and the laugh)

Japan Air

Kuwait Airways

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Air Canada

Air India

China Air

Iran Air

Jamaican Airways

Air Asia.

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12 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

Hahaha....good compilation but how come no MAS? I got photos of MAS food, you want?

Ermm..Japan Air's serving a bit small...enuff to fill your stomach?


Hi, a new reader here! A nice compilation photos of airlines food! Our local Mamee looks good! Hehe!


So that's what 1st class seating looks like? Table cloth, real glasses, plates and 2 different drinks!

Here in the USA, I feel lucky when I receive a second small pouch of roasted peanuts.


precious pea: lol.. maybe thats just the starters! but yeahh looks so little

t.c: can also ta pau if you can't finish hehehehehe

eat4fun: No frills airline? AirAsia don't server anything.. you have got to buy your peanuts


no famous air asia nasi lemak?


hahaha..contradiction..a nice one!!


Hahaha... Kuwait Airways' meal is so westernize


hahaha..u got this forward mail too! Well, MAMEE tasted good too!!

team BSG

V ( & probably U too ) would be most happy with a jug or 2 of
Y E S ...
... toddy right ! ?
esp on same window seat, & cruising at 89,000 feet maybe more ( hahaHA !)


lol... this is funny... well I dislike airline food. The most I remember eating was peanuts through out my whole trip. But yea, some are ok. I know someone who just drank through out the whole flight.

Jessie Woo

Aiyor so FUNNY la :P


boo: air asia's nasi lemak nice ah?

kampongboycitygal: lol! ad for mamee also

jason: hmm how is kuwait food? must be a lot of strong herbs and spices in it.

jackson: hahahahah eh u put in salad also nice

bsg: hahahah u got to propose that to airasia

kay: i kind of love airline buns.. other than that.. no comment

jessie: hehehe typical malaysian post ;P

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