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Basil Leaf Restaurant

When I first saw the restaurant than is housed in a bungalow along Jalan Damai (Off Jalan Tun Razak) the first thing that came to mind was "Wow not bad". The environment and ambiance of the restaurant is really nice. I liked the how the restaurant is department to different area, all which are very cozy.

My colleagues and I were early to arrive, so we sat and chatted in a "sun roof" area with our welcome serai (lemon grass) drink which was really cooling and refreshing. I think there was a hint of mint into. Really good.

The dining table, made of wood... very very nice.

My fresh orange juice. I totally like the fact that the orange is 100% pure orange juice, no salt or sugar added or water.

The spring roll came first. Very nice and juice on the inside, and fried just nice on the outside. Rating: 8.5/10

The salad came next. I think this is the mango kerabu. Shredded raw mangos with vinegar, sugar, and chilie padis. Nice. Rating: 8.5/10

One thing I don't get about Tom Yam. Some say the original Tom Yan is clear, like this one. But some say it's red hot. Either way, this is really good. Very sweet sour and spicy and full of the typical Tom Yam fragrant. Rating: 9/10

The curry tasted ok. Too much coconut milk though. Rating: 8/10

Stir fried chicken. The taste of the chicken seasoning was really familiar ... but I could not cut out what the chef was using. Some beancurd I think. Rating: 8/10

This tofu dish is cooked with luffa? Snake gourd? Not sure what the vegetable is called but it's long and slim in shape... looks like a hard crust 4 legged beans with 8 or more legs... Rating: 6/10

We ate one or two more dish... but I was too bust chatting and eating to snap their pictures. One dish came in a pattaya form. Tomato based filling kind of thing. I didn't touch the dish after a bite because the tomato filling smelt burnt. I think the chef burnt the bottom of the filling and saved the top part for the dish. Eeek! Rating: 5/10

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16 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
I am curious about the lemon grass drink with a touch of mint. Do you remember what else went in that drink? I have never seen that type of drink in the US's Thai Restaurants. Your first photo is 10/10.


I'll definitely b there for that clear tom yum soup! Not an ec find over here.
Err.. what's 'filimir'?


How's the pricing like? ;)

team BSG

after soooooooo looong a satisfied outing ( so can chat !)

Xiu Long Bao

yup...original tomyam is 'clear' one...i think it is hotter than the usual red tomyam?


There's 2 types of tomyam soup... the 'clear' one is hotter than the red one


lee ping: Actually thats my first time I have seen the drink too. The drink is very clear... only a hint of yellow. It left a cooling feel to the throat after drinking.

On the photo, i was using my colleague’s camera phone! The pictures were much better compared to pictures from my cam.

tummythoz: heheh typo... wanted to type familiar. SS2 selera malam has this thai stall that sells authentic Thai food... clear Tom Yam, cheap and yummy.

tankiasu: There were about 17 of us. Bill came over 2k. About RM65 each person

bsg: yeahhh... the environment really nice too

xiu long bao: I have eaten really spicy red tom yam before too.. but always found the clear one more sour.

jason: more sour too heheh... i like the clear more... less oil also

Precious Pea

When I was in Bangkok, I ordered Tom Yum in red..haha..the lady told me got two types, Tom Yum and Tom Yum Kung...so i guess one of them is clear and the other is red. She said the red one is with thai chilli paste added.


precious pea: eh.. i tot "kung" means prawn? does tom yam kung always come in the clear colour tom yam soup?


teckiee: Yeah, clear one less oil. Nope, tom yam kung is red colour... When I was in Bangkok, my friend ordered the vegetarian tom yam which turns out to be clear type.


Cool stuff. I read abt this place but yet to try it out. Yours must be the first blogger's review I have read.

Precious Pea

No idea kung is prawn or what...the lady kept asking me tom yum or tom yum kung and she said one is clear and one is with chilli paste. Now am confused..hehe!


Wah liau, mega expensive! :P


The salad looks pretty good, but I really like to try the chicken and tofu dish! :P.... the dish looks nice!


jason, precious pea: LOL! nvm... i'll be heading to BKK in July... i'll go try both tom yam kung and tom yam and try to ask the "history" of both.

boo: I read about this place on food forums before... really nice place... but for the food.. can get the same par of thai food at cheaper locations.

tankiasu: yeeahhh but that one pay for the ambiance lo. nice place to bring your date.

kay: the chicken dish is good.. tofu just so so for me. Salad is a must try!


Wow, seeing this food makes me drool, mainly because I know it wouldn't taste bland and Americanized.

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