Saturday, April 07, 2007

Black beans soup

I went digging for this picture when I saw Audrey's post on black beans soup. And since she's thinking about lots of fish lately, the more reason to post this up.

I mention that the first time I had this soup was in a Chinese restaurant that serves only steamed, boiled or braised dishes. Forgot the restaurant name, but it is located on the left row of shop lots beside Taman Paramount's Giant. The owners used to open their stall at the road side just opposite the shop, but business is so good, they manage it in a shop now.

They serve really good double boiled soup. One of my favorite soup there is the black beans soup with fish.

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3 pieces of worms:

Melting Wok

wow, I'm intrigued !! What kinda fish is tt ? hey, u don't take too much of the beans 'k, later you "cut the cheese (=fart)", not so pleasant hahaha :)

Lee Ping

Dear Melting Wok,

It is funny that you should mention beans and fart. I just posted a humor on my blog about that. If you have time, hope on over to my blog. You will have a good laugh reading that humor.

Dear Teckiee,

Thanks for introducing me to AudreyCooks. The photos look so professional. Is this the direction you are moving towards?

This dish is very "Po", health beneficial. I think I need that. Been sick for the past week.


melting wok: HAHAHAHAHA!'s Sang Yue. Not sure about the name in English

Lee Ping: ohhh drink more water and rest more.

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