Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chocolate birthday cake for kids

In the eyes of adults, this cake is totally unacceptable.

But I am talking kids here... I pamper this three cheeky little fellows the most. And it was the middle sister's birthday yesterday (and so was my best buddy! Happy birthday woman!) so I decided to bake her a cake since she is staying at my home for the weekends.

I took them for Mr.Bean later at noon. I honestly didn't know the movie was such a sell. The movie is out for 2 weeks already in Malaysia (right?) but the only slot available was for a midnight movie! Yikes! I had to head for another cinema just to find myself buying tickets that was 4 rows away from the screen for a evening movie.
Back on track;

Anyway, I still have 2 slices of cake left... I wonder if Mr.Bean would some for a piece of chocolate cake with double layer coating and Smarties on top. I bet he will absolutely love it comparing to that live oyster!

I actually screwed up a little while baking this cake. My cake would not separate from the pan initially. Thought I oiled the pan properly and separated the sides from the pan, it still wouldn't leave the pan when I over turned it like a million times. In the end, the cake dropped in 3 big clumps with majority still stuck to the pan. I had to scrape the cake off and assemble to make it look like a round cake.

I have two layers of coating because the cake was so scattered that I could not cut it in to horizontally half. I used the filling for the first layer, and melted more chocolate on top. I broke chocolate finger biscuits in to half to build the fence and dropped Smarties on the top before the chocolate cooled. Sprinkled lot of millions color on the middle and slowly less and less on the outer side of the cake to make it look like a hill full of colors.

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15 pieces of worms:

Rasa Malaysia

Your cake is very beautiful and totally acceptable in my eyes too and you know me, I am not a kid anymore. Very nicely baked. :)


can i have one too ? :p


RM: hehehe maybe the kid inside my parents, aunts, uncle and grandma wll grew up. They said "OMG... who going to eat that.. why is it all chocolate?... it's going to be too sweet!"

wen: ahh my aunt's maid just ate the last piece!


why is this cake totally unacceptable in the eyes of adults?! it looks absolutely perfect. *drool


Wah, can bake such a lovely have just added your score on someone's card. "You had me at koong pieah...I am definitely yours at cake!" ROFL...


>.< yummy chocolate makes me drool...


i'm an adult and i HEART your cake!!! LOL awww no more left??


wow oh wow..... so nice!!!!! unacceptable???? no way..... it's more than acceptable... so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! i want some... can i? :p


Such pretty cake! Why not acceptable? Cos it looks too colourful? :D


What a cheerful cheerful cake! Genuine pampering. Lucky lucky fellows!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
You gave me an idea for my next kid's birthday cake. I can use M&Ms to put at the top of the cake and chocolate fingers on the side. I use the rubbery kind of pan and I don't oil my pan. I don't oil because 1)more healthy 2)chiffon cake rises better without the extra oil. To remove the cake from the pan, since it is rubbery in nature, I simply lossen the sides with a spatula and use my hand to turn the rubber mold inside out. Without a photo, it is hard to understand, isn't it? If you are interested in this rubbery cake pan that I am talking about, let me know. I will post a photo of it on my blog. I will post it under "Pandan Chiffon Cake".


pinkpau: dont know leh.... everyone in my house is saying that the cake is soooo... dont know la.. like no one will eat kind of cake.

wmw: wat la you :p

cHrIstInA_YY: LOL.. that cake is really a chocolate over dose

babe kl: hehehe i heart the cake too! LOL!!!

mei yen: maybe my family cant take much of the chocolate.. quite sinful mann.. very fatteninggg

jason: hahah actually my little cousins did ask "how come you put so many colors one? i cannot count the chocolates cos too many colors confusing me!"

tummythoz: hehehe once a few years kind of thing still ok.. not sure what kind of kiddie cake i'll make next time

lee ping: hmm rubbery pan ah? I think I need that.. you posted already? will want to get those pan. Sometimes just really a hassle to oil the pan.


teckiee: Tell her, eat the M&M after she count it 1 by 1 lor!


nice! my sister used to baked same like u'rs before..and yeah,definitely for my small brother.


jason: hmm you know what.. she didnt like the M&M .. need to buy skitles next time

skywalker: I like your sister hehe ;p

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