Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Demi Tasse

Don't know why people in my office hoo haa about this place so much. Over rated man.

Demi Tasse is located in Wisma Cosway on the 1st floor. Lot 1.81. Just walk in and up the escalator, look back on you right and you will be able to see this place.

While when I was queuing up, I saw all the pasta and pies. They looked really good.

Some apple pie.

Curry chicken and the quarter roasted chicken.

...but hor... look nice only. I didn't think it tasted wonderful.

This is their nasi lemak with no lemak in the nasi.

Quarter chicken...that looks good only. It was just so so.

This was really weird because the top part looked like cheese. But tasted like egg. Kind of reminded me of Macros Pizza. Totally bland.

Chicken mushroom pie. Fail. The crust is over baked and really hard.

The food deco is really nice. Outlook of the food also not bad. But maybe I was just expecting something more. All the built up let me down.

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8 pieces of worms:


I heard abt this place too. My friends said very nice, very cheap - u must try. Looks like I can take my time trying this place now.


They do look good... but the pie... is that a pie?? o_O

wmw's man meat is another another man's poison!

Precious Pea

Looks can be so deceiving hor?


I've been there too. Twice, I think. 1st to try, 2nd time to reconfirm. Not up to my expectation either. Good crowd maybe due to limited choice in that area?


Local food looks good but yeah I do agree looks can be deceiving. Shall try it out when I am back..


boo: Maybe you can.. if you also say not really good then I wont go for a retry liua.

jason: ..haha thats y i said over bake.

wmw: Maybe...i guess. ... maybe cheap la

precious pea: the stall next door sold some porky stuff.. looked good also... wonder if the food is on the same par

tummythoz: hmm but there a lot of makan place also lo. I sat this shop at the ground floor, on the right of the entrance... lots of ppl also. Want to try that place out. It's a bar or something but serves lunch.

t.c.: Dunno man.. maybe i have different taste..?


Oh I know that place. Suzy's Pub or something, right? Have not been there since I moved office a few years back. The food was actually from next door & the fried noodles were good. That's the only pub I know which d owner is very particular about cigarette ash on the floor. All must be flicked in care into ashtrays.
Oh, the fruit stall near the escalator still around? Luv the pickled mangoes that is sold by weight there. Miss that so much!

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