Saturday, April 28, 2007

Floggers gathers at Sandias

A really big thank you goes out to Boo. If not for her, there won't even be any gathering. And if not for her directions, I would have been lost some where between Sri Hartamas and Bukit Damansara.

The gathering was held in Sandias in conjunction of the Martell Presents KLue RSVP event. Was awesome to see the good turn out, and to finally meet all the foodies in person. Not going to do a roll call because #1 there were so many of us. 2#Sad to say I could only remember the names of half the foodies there. But never the less, look to your left of the screen to find links to them.

The free flow of peach juice with Martel and green tea with Martel. And of course, Martel on the rocks, and the rocks itself.

The bread came, to indicate we should all sit down and start dinner. But the only think I saw everyone doing was whipping out their cameras and feeding them with pictures of bread. LOL!

Sopa de Calabaza Con Salad. Creamy pumpkin soup with a dollop of pico de gallo salsa. Got to taste this a little from Jackson's plate. Tasted ok, but I wonder if Zuup Cafe in 1 Utama serves better and stronger pumpkin soup.

Taquitos Fritos. Hand rolled tortillas, filled with minced chicken seasoned with cilantro and onion, garnished with fresh cream, cheese, salsa verde and lettuce. I liked the minced chicken, but the tortillas were soaked up in oil. (The thing about deep frying is that you will need to turn up the heat before you remove your deep fried food. This will make sure more oil will drain off leaving a crisp and less oily thing.) If you leave that on the table long enough, it will turn soggy really quick. The salsa was missing something too.

Pollo a la Castellana. Sautéed and braised quarter chicken topped with a rich full bodied sauce of nuts , fennel and dried chili seeds. I didn't try this, but Jason mention the seeds were good. Should have tried some from TanKiasu's plate. hehe.

Vegetable Enchiladas. Lemon sole in a tomato salsa with pimentos, olives, capers and oregano. I could smell the tomato salsa on the fish when I firstly open this. But some how when I tasted it, was missing something. The rice was lovely, one biji one biji rice.


18 sx. Click [+] to expand.

I think it was Nigel who first commented on the square red "Rise Above" boxes on the table. Don't it look like they are giving out condoms? Durex, Rise Above... HAHAHAHA

And then on FFB's plate... LOL!

Poster Helado de Limon. Layered gallet and frozen lime cream accompanied by a strawberry couli. This is my first Mexican desert. Not sure how this should taste like but I didn't like it. The frozen lime cream is not sour. Should it be sour? The Layered gallet tasted thin layers of like the Chinese dragon rice cake (often sold during Chinese New Year) put together. Don't know man... maybe it's just me.

The food highlight for the day for me was actually this.

For this I really got to thank Nigel. Thank you! I'm so glad I went for the after party.

Chocolate and cheese. The chocolate that is moist and sweet to the right level, cheese that complements the chocolate is really really Just Heavenly.

Take a fork at the cake, sink your tongue into it... *rahhhhhhhhh harrrrr haaaaaaaaaa* (imagine god descending to earth with those ray of light). That’s how good the cake is. Ohh for full effect close your eyes. Hehehe.

When is the next gathering? ..Oh and send me your photos!!

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19 pieces of worms:

"Joe" who is constantly craving

yes..i chickened out..felt too guilty instead of pouring myself over the books..instead i hit home..n hit the bed hahaha..i m sure there will be a next time..definitely


no worries teckiee, i thot the same about the food too but then again i thot our main purpose was to meet up isnt it? LOL i've placed yr link in the group and created an album for the gang to drop their photos in.

Lyrical Lemongrass

yup...glad i made it for the after-dinner party....the cake was gorgeous!!!! Hey, and it was great meeting you! :-)

Xiu Long Bao

yorrr...i didn't get to try the cake :( Not only u teckiee...i think the food was so-so only could they serve those food to floggers...haiz!

*Awaiting for the next gathering*


Oh your photos actually turned out pretty nice. So stop complaining about your faithful camera. And yes, please send me these photos please. ;)


joe: Aisheh... maybe next time lah.

babe: Yeahh was really fun meeting everyone. Got to grab a bigger venue next time to fit the growing us.

Lyrical Lemongrass: Hey was really fun meeting you too! Sent you a pic..go check your email.

Xiu Long Bao: Maybe too many of us la. Mass produced sometimes like that =(

tankiasu: hehehe it was the lightings la ;P I got a pic of you and joe.. that didnt turn out well at all!

wmw your 18SX section. FBB, wah...a bit too old to be "playing" with his food eh? LOL...


hehe...teckiee was the only one who couldn't finish the food that nite!!! I was so hungry and "sapu" all the food even though it was just so so only...yeah...the cake by Nigel was heavenly good! Dunno when can we try it again...FREE??


I think the food were just ok too, so don't worry, we share the same tastebuds :P And yeah, the cake was such a bliss! It's great to meet you.


wmw: nyahahaha luck that pic turn out all right

jackson: I'm smart you know.. saving stomach space for Nigel's cake.

jason: Hey its was great meeting you too! Hope you enjoyed your stay in KL as much as we enjoyed your company.


teckiee: Thanks... yeah, I did enjoy the outing a lot. Luckily I came, else I'm sure I'll regret it.

Precious Pea

Sniff sniff..i missed the CAKE!!! Teckie, great to meet you that nite and hope to see you again soon.


Real glad to finally meet d grape ommellete chef!
That choc pack sure looks like durex brand in your pic. Lol.


teckiee, good to finally meet you.
wmw, what you talking about leh? i cant see anything at the 18SX. what's that?


oops, okay, saw oridi. ah...

team BSG

aiyo where the dancing drunken shots ah ? Esp the tiramisu king one?


nice meeting you young (and horny :p) lady..awwww cant believe that i actually missed out the after party cake!! food was bland but the people there are interesting..hehe

Kenny Mah

Aww drats! I didn't get to meet you that nite! Too many foodbloggers, too little time? Hope to catch you around next time, okay?



hmm i just noticed my comment post is gone!

jason: =)

precious pea: ehh i want to go see pea and pumpkin next time! I missed the food crawl =(

tummythoz: hahahaha i got to make something else and eggs and grapes man.. something more edible!

ffb: hehe yeah man

bsg: ffb still walking in a straight line ;P

KampungboyCitygal: sheeeee not too loud la hahahaha

Kenny: hey always next time!!

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