Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guess guess guess

Title says it all. Wild guess anyone?

Edit: 11 Apr 07
2 more pictures... I think the first one isn't a good one for guessing.

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25 pieces of worms:


I'll bite.

Red Eye Milkshake!


I say it is strawberry and vanilla float.


looks like brains


A mixture of 3 stuff...Neapolitan shake!


Lets start with first impression, it looks like a brain..and it seems to be, im not the only one who thinks that. But yea... i will guess banana, strawberry, yogurt, ehh.... milk smoothie, vanilla, ice cream.....lol.....


Errr...what are we supposed to guess?! :P *blur*


Ermm... melted raspberry ice cream in da cup?? Oh.. with banana. Ahaha... :p


If asked to guess, surely it's something extraordinary. I'll go with ribena+banana+taufufah!

Pink Elle

Vanilla ice cream with Ribena and mashed Oreos :p

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
My first instinct was strawberry with vanilla or plain yogurt. After looking at the comments from the others, I feel there may be a third ingredient. If there is a third ingredient, I am guessing chocolate. So, what is the price for the winner? This is so fun.

Rasa Malaysia

Milk shake with cranberries juice. :)


sliced bananas wid some mashed, topped with yoghurt and strawberry sauce. dinner on u heh??? :p


loong: ...red eye? ...errr

vivian: nope.. nope, icecream in it


wmw: Ding! 1 point! correct... but what stuff leh?

kay: Ding! 1 point! yogurt is correct...but nope... no brain in there ;P

tankiasu: hahahaha yeahh guess what is that brain looking thing

jason: Still cold.. guess again hehehe 2 more tries

tummythoz: HAHAHHAHAHA it rimes! but nope.. guess again, 2 more tries

pink elle: Actually, that mix is not bad idea... but still cold.

lee ping: yogurt is right, but no strawberry and chocolate. heheh guess for fun, no price ;P

RM: hmmm might be a nice combo... but nope ... none of that

babe kl: everyone got yoghurt correct... need to try harder hehehe


yogurt + peach + tomato sauce? raspberry sauce? :p


Yoghurt + Tau Foo Far?

Xiu Long Bao

Vanilla ice cream + Peach chunks + Raspberry/ Strawberry sauce!


Banana with mango cubes in yogurt with strawberry sauce? o_O


Yogurt + Chocolate Syrup + Mango (Nata DeCoco)


The brain looking stuff could be Cherimoya and the chunks of fruit look like mango.

Lee Ping

Yogurt, peach/mango fruit chunks and berry sauce.

Juliet C.

To Fu Fah!


yoooohhh... hrrrmmppphhh... sounds like a trifle of somekind of cake + yoghurt + raspbery sauce + yoghurt + peaches/nectarine/mango cubes

Precious Pea

It's Raspberry Flavoured Yoghurt with Mangoes

Melting Wok

wa wa wee..ok, lets see if my uluness have gotten any better hahaha, 1st. one really looked like some cow brains/intestine with bloody mary hahaha, 2nd. err..tau foo fa, mixed w/strawberry/or some sort of berry syrups, 3rd. one, err..almond jello cubes w/peach/mangoes in some berry syrups ? OR..er some fruit yogurty parfait ???


Mei Yen: Bing! Peach is correct!

unkaleong: wahaha i wouldn't want to eat tau foo fa with yogurt.

Xiu Long Bao, Jason: hmm really look like strawberry sauce ah?

wmw: eh eh nata de coco and yogurt...hoo can try net time

eat4fun: hmm whats Cherimoya?

lee ping: almost there!

juliet: heheheh no tau foo fah in that cup

babe kl: very closeeee

precious pea: the orange stuff is peach ;)

melting wok: YEAH baby! bloody mary.. not we are talking alcohol! HAHAHAH

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