Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Menglembu groundnuts

Ma-ni-mong (in Cantonese) or Menglembu (in Bahasa Malaysia) or meng-moo-moo (in Teckiee's head) is famous for two things. Street hawker food at night and their groundnuts!

Meng-moo-moo is located in Perak, just out north about 20 minutes drive from the Ipoh city center. My mom's parents stays in Lahat which is just a 5 minutes drive away from Meng-moo-moo. Remember to get the groundnuts if you are there or passing by.

The pack in the picture is a one kg pack. ...My mom love it so much she bought 5 kgs!

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Keropok Man

How fast does that 5kg kacang of yours finish?

Menglembu groundnuts are famous.

People also go to Batu Pahat to buy groundnuts too! Especially direct from the factory...

Precious Pea

Better than Ngan Yin?


Oh yeah, my dad loves those too. I bought more than 5kgs when I passed Perak.

I'm not a big fan of groundnuts...'cause heaty and pimples lah, but I love them!


There's this place that specializes in serving "Sang Yee"... It's on the main street in Menglembu (I Think)...Hahahah.

Love em nuts as well ;)


Precious Pea: Ya, better than Ngan Yin. In Ipoh, Ngan Yin is not popular ler...

Wah, 5kgs?? My mom and I mau finish 1 packet also susah... :P


Peanuts....even my dog likes nuts :P I would love to get some for my mum but I'm not around there, kakaka!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

My Dad is a big fan of peanuts. My Mom used to tell him, we have cashews, why are you eating cheap nuts? I am a big fan of peanuts as well. In the US, we have blister peanuts. It is super crunchy. Unfortunately, peanuts is one that you cannot leave out for too long, it will go bad. Fresh peanuts are the best.
Thanks for your post.


i love the honey roasted chicken n wantan mee at the glutton street in menglembu..dong hoi menglembu is known as the best banquet dinner place in iph too..


Keropokman: not sure about the whole 5kg... but 1 kg is gone within 2 hours of sitting in front of the tv.

precious pea: Actually i think it depends on individuals. For me its better than Ngan Yin. But some prefer the other big rounded purple skined groundnuts. Meng-moo-moo ones are usually mid sized and more tasty compared to other brands.

wen: HAHAHAH me also pizza face already

unkaleong: hahaha i'll go ask my grandma if she knows or not.

jason: My mom crazy over peanuts one la. If she can't the groundnuts, she buys those prefried with taste onces that are usually served in restaurants.

kay: LOL! lucky dog! can eat without the pimples!

Lee Ping: hmm I tasted fresh peanuts before. (My relatives have them planned in their front yard..rally cute to see them with the roots.) They were sweet, but not really that crunchy. I don't really like fresh ones.

kampungboycitygal: WHAHAHA i love the honey roasted chicken too! I like the curry pork skin chee cheong fun... but dunno where the stall dissappear to now =(

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Perhaps I wasn't clear when I said fresh. Fresh means peanuts that is not old or stale. "Chao pu be" in hokkein means bad smell?


Yo, another peanut fans here :P


lee ping: ohhh i get what you mean now

jason: ahhh so easy for you to get!

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