Thursday, April 12, 2007

Peach and prune yogurt with wine

And the red stuff is ... *drum rolls* ... sweet dessert wine!

I bought a tub of plain yogurt and slip them into two. One I mixed with cubed peach and the second I diced prunes into them. Mix a little sugar in both. I poured some bloodwine into my glass, and spoon in two of my yogurt.

Violah! That's how you make brains. LOL!

Tasted really good. I used dessert wine to bring out more of the fruity sweetness. The sourness of the yogurt brought out the fragrant of the wine when mixed and eaten, leaving only a hit of alcohol smell.

Got to make more of this next time.

I used some of my dad's birthday wine for the yogurt. My brother bottled this for my dad's birthday. He told me there's a place in Singapore where they sell wine in the kegs. You can sip and taste the wine, bottle your favorite, and print your own label. Only down side is that you have got to finish the bottle in 6 months. You can't keep them for long.

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7 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

I don't think I would ever have guessed prune and wine. How does it taste like?

By the way, what is LOL?


Cherimoya I believe is also called sweetsop or sugar apple...

LOL means "lots of lard" when I'm cooking, but in web-speak LOL is "lots of laughs"


oooooooo so it's actually prune and wine!!! ahhh... nvm.. at least i was 1/2 correct :p


I was so far off! Then again, I can't stop myself from guessing something odd. U were d one who did grapes-ommellete, rite?


i hv to hats off to you for being so creative again but seriously wine wid yoghurt??


Ehh... yeah, it does look like strawberry sauce >:)


lee ping: you should try.. the combo is really good. yogurt for your kids... and the wine for yourself.

lee ping, eat4fun: hm.....I always thought lol means laugh out loud... heheh all the same i guess.. all laughing ;)

mei yen: hehehe ;P

tummythoz: hahahahaha i think i have a grapes complex or something. mixing everything with grapes.

babe kl: eh eh u really got to make done for your dude KL. Jr KL can woallup the rest of the yogurt.

jason: hmmm just wondering if there's strawberry wine..

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