Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tsugaru shoten

Tsugaru shoten = Sugar shorten? ... short sweeten biscuit? Whatever the translation, this is a must try for anyone who loves Japanese biscuits.

I was doing a little shopping in Isetan during the week and I came across this setup stall in front of the Isetan grocery exit. Two kawaii (Cute in Japanese) woman was wrapping these biscuits that was roasted by a Japanese man.

The flour is kneaded and roll out flat and into circles. The Japanese then took the nuts (almonds, pistachios or ground nuts) in his palms, arranged them, and lay the piece of dough on top. The dough is then put into this tong like BBQ utensil. It's like the "kepit" for the Love Letters except this one is much thicker and is hollow. The utensil is left on top of the BBQ stove until it turns into the biscuit.

But the biscuits is quite expensive. RM18.80 for 6 pieces.

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15 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea never mentioned about its taste. So is it good? Worth the price??


Yaloh....nice or not??? Looks nice woh.

MeiyeN was at isetan supermarket too and..... we bought da same biscuits too! :D yummmm...... but like you said, expensive!


Jap anything is expensive, no?


Teckiee - saw they're having the Japan fair again this weekend. Was there on Sunday for PC Fair so maybe you can check it out. Has sashimi and lots of Jap food items.


precious pea: hmmm taste quite nice. Natural wheat sweetness and very nice pistachio sweetness too.

wmw: I give it a 7/10

meiyen: Did you see how they make them? Quite cool hor

tummythoz: LOL! quite true

boo: I think I saw the same one. I bought then on Thursday.


It looks like some thin cookies which served together with a cup of hot cappucinno

Lee Ping

Looks a little like meringue (beaten egg white) baked with pistacio and almond nuts. I will attempt to make a variation of this sometime this week. I have a package of sliced almond nuts in my pantry that I could use. Good reminder for me.

Someone who is constantly craving

i saw this last week..was there 2..ended buyin the sushi..3rm a piece seem so expensive!! but i guess from the looks of it..its worth every cent?


yesyes........ i was quite amazed though...


jason: Compared to those potato biscuits, these are much thicker. Very crunchy actually.

lee ping: Remember to post pictures!

constantly craving person hehe: hmm worth to try.. but I don't really craze over it.

mei yen: i was quite surprised to see the bbq thing in the supermarket lol


The cookies don't exactly look appetizing .. but sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover .. or in this case .. a cookie by it's nuts huh.

Anyway.. good info. Tim.

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

I just posted the recipe on my blog, with photos as well.


I like to try some...


tim: lol! its definitely looks better that it looks

lee ping: hey thanks for the post.

kay: where are you from? the view from your blog... looks like NY to me.

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