Sunday, April 29, 2007

Turmeric fish

Me and my mom totally hate cooking anything with kunyit (turmeric) because it stain the knives, chopping board, the pestle and mortar and our hands! Makes the hands look so yellow yellow dirty fellow. Unhealthy hands. There are many brands of turmeric powder sold in the supermarkets but turmeric always taste nicer with its fiber.

Lucky for me, I have someone to help out now with all the hard work. Nyek nyek *evil*.

- fish, small flaky fish ones works well (Small sardine/tune, Ka Mong fish, Bak Hu Fish)
- lots of old turmeric
- salt
- pepper

1. Chop the turmeric up to small bits and continue to break them fiber with a pestle and mortar.

2. Add salt. Add more salt as the turmeric paste will taste more bland with mixed with meat. Add pepper until it gives the slight burn in the mouth. Mix.

3. Chop up your fish and marinate for 30 minutes with the turmeric paste. You can also slice them in the middle and stuff the paste into the fish. But key thing is to cover the whole fish in the paste.

4. To cook, heat your wok first. When hot, add the oil and heat. Then add the fish to fry. (This process will make sure that your fish won't stick to the wok when you try to flip it.

5. Serve while hot.

I always go for the fish head. My mom loves to split the head into two then marinate. All the turmeric gets in there! Same goes for chicken. I love the ribs because the paste gets stuck in between the bones. Yum yum!

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Rasa Malaysia

Who is the someone that help you now with kunyit? Come on, spill...:P

"Joe" who is constantly craving

ur bf isit?? haha like tat mah score top points with your mom?

i personally dont really like turmeric fish..esp those kinda fish tat suits it..


ya ya faster tell!!! :p haha most times i lazy, use short cut way - tumeric powder :p

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Does "Turmeric with fiber" look like little ginger? In your first photo, you seemed to use quite a bit of turmeric to pound with salt and pepper.

The Japanese Grocery Uwajimaya sells them here in the US but it is not cheap.

Also, do you peel the skin of the turmeric? Or you just wash before pounding?


RM, Joe, Babe: hahaha did I sound like that? no laaa... we have a maid to help about the house.. and in the kitchen!

babe: You got to use the real stuff ma. Really yummier one leh esp with you get the fiber texture instead of the smooth texture from the power.

Lee Ping: Yeah, I think Turmeric is expensive in the US. The whole thing looks like ginger, but from the outside it looks a little orangey. Just was and remove the skin and pound. You can make a lot at one go and keep the remaining in the freezer.


Ehh... need to remove the skin? When I help my mom to pound them, she say no need geh. Instead of peppercorns, I'll throw in some cili padi... ehehehe


Thanks for dropping by my blog!:)

I'm pretty sure this fish tastes good since it has the turmeric!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Thanks for the detailed explanation on turmeric. It is good to know that they store well in the freezer. If I find them on SALE, I could buy in bulk, pound with salt, etc. and store in freezer. By the way, do you have the recipe for sambal that you eat with Klang hokkein mee?

Kenny Mah

Me LOVES tumeric fish and chicken... but teruk lah if kena baju. Haven't had it in ages. Mom used to make it just like that, from scratch! Tastes so much better...

The smell of the paste being fried, I tell you... so heavenly can die one! :D


jason: hmmm have to really brush the skin clean ...but the skin wont leave a hint of bitterness?

kok: =)

lee ping: hmm klang ah? I have never been to Klang for Hokkien mee before. Sorry =(

Kenny: Yeahhh kena baju means all yellow yellow dirty fellow. Totally love the aroma of the fried paste too!!


teckiee: dono ler... maybe she did remove them but i didn't notice :P

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