Friday, April 20, 2007

Wax meat

Wax food. The first think that comes to people's mind when I saw wax and food in a same sentence are those pretty non edible wax food decoration you find displayed up front in the restaurant as a sample. I saw this child biting into a calamari ring once, only to find it was not edible. She cried. Kind of cute hehehe.

Wax luncheon. LOL!

All the wax you can find .... some how the word wax reminds me of Perfume: The Story of a murderer. Just love that movie!

Wax pork strip. I have always heard of waxed chicken but have never seen or hear of waxed port strip until my mom made this. The waxed meat is boiled until soft then steamed again before it is being sliced and serverd. Boiling makes the meat softer and removing some of the wax to it.

Chicken shreds aka "kai see". This is a vegetarian dish cooked by stir frying young ginger, shreed oyster mushrooms and some vegetarian oyster sauce together.

Bean curd chicken cubes. A very simple dish for the lazy cook. Just a little garlic, oil, chicken and a few cubes of beancurd.

Bitter gourd. Eeekkk I just dont like bitter gourd cooked in anyway so I have no comment on all bitter gourd dishes.

Boiled vegetables with garlic oil dressing.

This is the rice normally served with the waxed meat. This rice is usually fried until cooked with water and other fragrant ingredients. My mom was kind of lazy so she just cooked the rice the normal way.

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14 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,
When I saw all those dishes prepared by your Mom, I miss home. I am glad I spoke to her earlier. Now that I have my own kids, I appreciate and love Mom more than ever. My 3rd sister who lives closer to home, still goes home every day for meals and even "ta pao" back to her husband. Thanks for your post.


My mom was enraged last night due to our habit of eating late (which means cold dishes and late to clean up the table too). Now that I read this... feels kinda sorry to her... :(

Kay looks so real though.

Rasa Malaysia

Yeah, I hate bitter gourd too and never eat it. I just don't understand why people eat bitter gourd, there are so many good foods and why you want to eat something bitter, mushy and bad. :P


Ahh home cooked food! Nice nice!


Yum! I love waxed meats too. Tell yr Mum, her food looks super yummy. Lucky you.


lee ping: Sometimes distance brings people together too. And i guess having your own kids really keeps one thinking about how great our parents are. I'm really glad I have a mom who shared the same food passion as me.

jason: aishehh last to eat you have to clean up ma.

kay: hehehehe i wonder if they have any wax food museum out there.

RM: yeah man.. mom always complain that I dont eat them. She says good for skin la, good for detox la.. but I just cant stand the bitter taste.

t.c: home cooked food is nice and full of loveeee ;)

boo: ahh the key to it just boiling the meat 1st, then steam. Thats what my mom said la.. makes the meat softer and more edible.


I've had the sausage (lop cheung), but I haven't had the other preserved meats (lop ngok) in over 15 years.

Wow! it brings back some memories of my g'ma.

Kay - The food isn't made from wax, it's real meat. The meat is preserved where it feels hard and waxy, hence the literal name of the food.


When saw title 'waxed food', 1st thot was Chinese New Year. =P
M craving for lap-cheung now.

Precious Pea

So envy of you....i so miss my mum's cooking! I love waxed sausages somehow i have indigestion whenever I have it. :(


eat4fun: Is lap nyuk hard to find? Actually i have not seen or eaten it until my mom cooked it.

kay: oops hehehe the pictures are of real food. It's called wax meat because of the way the meat is preserved. Salted and smoked and waxed.

tummythoz: Actually all those meat were from CNY? Which kind of lap cheong do you like? I like the darker onces...more Chinese wine in it.

precious pea: aikes... maybe just can try eating just 3 to 4 slices next time.. not so "chai" like that.


Hmm.. a mixture is best! Greedy? Yes.

Henry Leong

My favourite food is wax meat. Especially in the Chinese New Year.

Vernon's World

sigh. when are you guys going to realize that the la in la rou (la yok) does not mean wax. it means a certain of year, and it is not made with WAX.

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