Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mieng Kam

Mieng Kam in Hokkien means "Dont close". But in Thailand, it's a starter to tingle the taste buds.

I have eaten Mieng Kam during Chinese New Year when my mom prepared the ingredients for my whole family and relatives. Those who attended the Makansutra dinner earlier this year would have tasted this too. Check out the first picture of Babe KL's post.

My mom prepared Mieng Kam again the other day. Simple stuff, with big effect on the mouth.

Fried grated coconut flesh. Just head the wok and stir. No need for any oil as the coconut will produced its own natural oil.

Lemon grass and lime leaf.

Shallots and lime.

Lengkaloke leaves. I really got to find out the English and scientific name for this leaf.

Sour plum sauce.

Thai sweet chili sauce.

Sesame seed and crushed groundnuts for the top.

To eat, just shape the Lengkaloke into a cone, stuff it with the ingredients above, pour the sauces, drizzle with seeds and nuts, and *pop* ....*chrunch chrunch chrunch*

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Apple Donuts

I was at the opening of the new Donut shop in The Curve called the Big Apple. The newspaper advertorial on The Star newspaper caught my attention. First 50 customers gets half a dozen of donuts for free!

This was the queue at 10am sharp yesterday. There were still about 15 people behind of me. And still growing.

I think the owner have connections with freelance cameraman and stuff because there were a group of 3 shooting and interviewing customers.

I waited for about 30 minutes to reach near enough to take this picture. Big Apple donuts and coffee.

First in Malaysia. I chatted with some folks queuing up and was told by them that they have eaten this in Indonesia before (but under a different name). According to them, the shop in Indonesia sell donuts like hot cakes too. Always long lines.

Got nearer to take this Big Apple logo hanging from the corner of the shop.

The shop have a stream line open concept where customers are able to see how the donuts are prepared. And to double check their cleanliness for those with sensitive stomach ;P I guess many shops are adopting this concept.

For me it was good because I could take some pictures without squishing with the crowd that day.

I had to buy one donut to get half a dozes free. But try one and not the rest? How can? So I bought the uncommon flavors that I don't find else where.

The colors were great! Love this pic!

The for the donuts that came free with the Original glaze.

The inside of the Big Apple donut. Over all the donut is soft as promised. But I think I still prefer Dunkins. Big Apple's donuts are too soft for my liking.

Glaze with cocoa puffs. Sweet and chocolate crunchy on top.

Mango tango. The cut down on the sugar but I think they cut down on the mango too. Would be nicer if there was more mango taste to it.

Oreo powder on top. I find this just so so and I could not really smell and taste the oreo.

The Green Tea donut like the Mango Tango lack the fragrant and smell. But I think I like this the best out of all the flavors here.

American Almond. The glaze then topped with crunchy almond flakes. Was ok.

Banana Rama. Not enough chocolate fragrant to go with the Banana. Seems to me they really cut down on the sugar.. as well as the fragrant and taste.

There were other donuts as well. I wanted to try the one with cheese topping called Say Cheese but they didn't have it yesterday. There were donuts like the Nutty Choc of Dunkins too.

Overall the donuts were ok. Soft on the inside, sweet on the outside. For those who like more flour in their donuts, better stick to Dunkins.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Swedish desert at Ikea

A few weeks back, one of my colleague asked me if I wanted Ikea's curry puff. She and many other people I know have been raving about this puff. So I said "Ok la, tapau for me". (tapau means take away)

Over night curry puff in the box.

When I saw the puff, I knew I should no expect much.

I ate one without rebaking, and ate another after rebaking it. Both did not taste super good. Leaving it over night destroyed the puff. But then again, only thing special is the 1/8 piece of hard boiled egg in the puff. I have taste better over night puffs out there. (Over night A1 puffs are still nice)

It was that week itself where I had a little bit of bit at Ikea's cafe. The deserts really looks so pretty! I was so attracted to it! So I took one of each.

The is the Princess tart. Swiss roll rolled with frozen cream (I think. definetly not ice cream) with sweeten lime green jelly. The whole thing taste weird and bland. Not my piece of desert.

I fell for the trap. I should not have judge the "princess" by its cover.

Delicato Balls. Chocolate minty ball thing. It had the Toblerone taste but the texture is grainy. Taste quite nice.

I would have finished the whole thing myself but I didn't have any plain water with me. Coke (already sweet) and sweet chocolate (very sweettt).

This is Mazarin. Sound good but really "horrible terrible vegetable" for my taste. The glaze on top is super sweet, and the texture is so sandy.

The outer shell is normal tart pastry. The middle taste like a mixture of grated coconut and flour. Can't figure what it was but just weird.

I definitely don't like Swedish desert. But their meat balls still rocks ;P

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stuffed fried fish

Blogger must know I have been cussing because right after I left the comment for Tummythoz, I was able to get in.

Anyway, another fish post... ;p

Furious fish. Must be because I slit it open whahahaha.

I made onion, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, lime leafs, belacan, chili, basil and mint leafs. and lime all pounded and mixed together into a paste. Remember some salt and sugar to bring out the taste. Then stuff it in the fish.

Garang betul...

The fish came out a little ugly, but as long as it taste nice... looks doesn't matter . (Not cooking for customers ma)

Oh I used the "ngan mei chi" (Cantonese) (hard tail fish?) aka "ngeah boi" (hokkien) fish for this.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tagged! Hock Chiew Peah

I'm back. Miss me? hehehehahahahah

Lee Ping tagged me so I need to tag foodies before everyone is tagged again like the last time! *kiasu*

Anyway, this tagging is about "What is your favorite food in your state or country?". Need some delicious pictures and some history on it. I have been thinking and thinking but honestly, too many favorites! Totally impossible to list every single one down. The list just keeps growing!

One of my childhood, teenhood, my now'hood (LOL!), my kampung'hood ... my all time favorite chews is the Hock Chiew Peah aka Kong Pean! I can sense a few laughing already but waitttt ...wait till you try it. I'm just a big supporter of Hock Chiew Peah! I can actually eat about 8 of those at one go. Especially the onces with onion and pok pok pok!

This is from my Eating journey to the Mid North of Malaysia post.

Still could not get enough of it so Hock Chiu Peah got its own post.

And this *drools* from other Hock Chiu Peah supporter. Pangkor Lang! I still don't know if I'm calling this biscuit the correct name or not. Hock Chiu Peah or Kong Pean or Gong Peah? But as long it is the same thing, anything will do. You should try their recommendations if you ever travel up to Lumut.

Honestly I'm not bias.

Going to Sitiawan without trying gong pian is like getting married without trying sex.

viewtru also recommends an article in The Sun which I found really good for first time Hock Chiu Peah'ers to get hold of those yummylisious biscuits. The one that is recomemded is the easiest to locate in Setiawan. But not the best. You really need to dig in Kamung Cina for good juicy pokiee onces.

And before I go tagging other foodies. Just found out that we have Hock Chiu Peah in Sibu too!

I'm going to tag all those than mentioned pok muahahaha. Tagged with pork filled Hock Chiu Peah are
Joe with lots of cravings
WMW (*also tagged from Kopi Soh)
TummyThoz (*also tagged from Kopi Soh)
t.c (You don't have a link on your nick, so if you read this.. reply in the message or something ;) (Edited: Added t.c's link)

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Find it in Singapore, find it here

Short post. Find it in Singapore, find it here =)

You can find the shop selling these puffs in Uptown Damansara. Same row as HSBC.

Really nice loose and flaky puffs! I have not tasted Old Chang Kee's puffs but I think these are as good or even better!

But I'll try to avoid buying all the sweet puffs. I tried the half of the yam and sweet corn, just too "jelak" when I finish the puffs. My grandma mention that the salty spicy ones are much better.

Did you know that Bee Cheng Hiang actually paten it's packaging? If you buy the dried BBQ meat from Singapore, they actually have it in bite size vacuumed packed packages.

My mom bought these in one of the Malaysia branches. These siew yoke puffs tasted real good.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kuih gula bakar

Aisheh, I don't have to waste time making my own Malai Kou la. The Saturday Kelana Jaya pasar tani sells my favorite kuih gula bakar. One big piece for RM2 only. Yum yum!

The side view. See all the air holes. So nice.

Back view even nicer. Just love the kuih!

I must learn how to make this one day. But first thing is to learn how to cook the sugar properly. Cooking the gula bakar needs a lot of time and skills with the fire control... something which I don't have hehe.

Anyway, I bought this too. Meneram? Merenam? I forgot the name of this quih but I kind of like it too.

It's gula melaka with a flour mixture deep fried in cold then heated hot oil.

Dad don't like it because it doesn't taste like dough nut. Imagine crushed dhall beans with gula melaka then deep fried... something like that. A bit sandy texture.

One big happy family.

Inside the meneram.

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