Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Apple Donuts

I was at the opening of the new Donut shop in The Curve called the Big Apple. The newspaper advertorial on The Star newspaper caught my attention. First 50 customers gets half a dozen of donuts for free!

This was the queue at 10am sharp yesterday. There were still about 15 people behind of me. And still growing.

I think the owner have connections with freelance cameraman and stuff because there were a group of 3 shooting and interviewing customers.

I waited for about 30 minutes to reach near enough to take this picture. Big Apple donuts and coffee.

First in Malaysia. I chatted with some folks queuing up and was told by them that they have eaten this in Indonesia before (but under a different name). According to them, the shop in Indonesia sell donuts like hot cakes too. Always long lines.

Got nearer to take this Big Apple logo hanging from the corner of the shop.

The shop have a stream line open concept where customers are able to see how the donuts are prepared. And to double check their cleanliness for those with sensitive stomach ;P I guess many shops are adopting this concept.

For me it was good because I could take some pictures without squishing with the crowd that day.

I had to buy one donut to get half a dozes free. But try one and not the rest? How can? So I bought the uncommon flavors that I don't find else where.

The colors were great! Love this pic!

The for the donuts that came free with the Original glaze.

The inside of the Big Apple donut. Over all the donut is soft as promised. But I think I still prefer Dunkins. Big Apple's donuts are too soft for my liking.

Glaze with cocoa puffs. Sweet and chocolate crunchy on top.

Mango tango. The cut down on the sugar but I think they cut down on the mango too. Would be nicer if there was more mango taste to it.

Oreo powder on top. I find this just so so and I could not really smell and taste the oreo.

The Green Tea donut like the Mango Tango lack the fragrant and smell. But I think I like this the best out of all the flavors here.

American Almond. The glaze then topped with crunchy almond flakes. Was ok.

Banana Rama. Not enough chocolate fragrant to go with the Banana. Seems to me they really cut down on the sugar.. as well as the fragrant and taste.

There were other donuts as well. I wanted to try the one with cheese topping called Say Cheese but they didn't have it yesterday. There were donuts like the Nutty Choc of Dunkins too.

Overall the donuts were ok. Soft on the inside, sweet on the outside. For those who like more flour in their donuts, better stick to Dunkins.

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111 pieces of worms:


Wah, you really queue so long for the donuts?

Mango tango?? Doesn't it tastes artificial (with fragrance essence)?


donuts??? Q?? arrr..... dun tell me Malaysian also Q for donuts just like Singaporean do!! Well, i must say i will drop byu to try!!

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

This was an inspirational article for me. Recently, with the help of Auntie Lily Ng (my cooking idol), I have mastered the art of making donuts. After seeing the donuts with the different glazes, mango, greentea, and almond flakes, I am inspired to make my own.



Nothin beat Krispy Kreme donuts... when I past by this big apple donut place, their selection looks so much like those you get from Krispy Kreme..
Maybe that woman meant Krispy Kreme cuz i had mine at Bali...

haven't try it tho...


I went there today to grab some for my nephews. Took photos too and will blog about it soon ;O)


I still prefer the good ol' donuts which are topped with sugar.


hmmmmmmmm so much fuzz over a humble donut. I also remember when krispy kreme open here the q is a mile long!!! watda!!!


jason: Yeah lo. I thought it was very very nice. But ok only. Waited in queue uo to about 40 minutes. The mango actually is the artificial stuff.

jackson: This was the launch, so a little bit more crowd. Don't think will be like that on normal days.

lee ping: I notice that for the green tea, they have just mixed green tea powder in the glaze. And I think the oreo powder should be easy to make.

irene: Aie, I heard so much about Krispy Kreme but very sweet, sweeter than Dunkins right?

wmw: heheheeh what flavor you took? wait for your post

kok: Easier to make some more hehe

kumpung_boy: Hmm I think I need my friend to tapau some krispy kreme for me already...

Precious Pea

So colourful and attractive. But 18 pieces? How to eat ar?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

krispy kremes still rox rite..eventhough its just a piece of fattening costs 90p for a single donut in harrods..n i heard the queue is horrendous..bak in australia u hardly find krispy kremes..

bak to this donuts..will give it a try..u onli live once after all haha

Lee Ping

I found the recipe for donut glaze from doing a search at google. So, I will attempt it, soon. You are right about the oreo glaze. I can even dip the glazed donut over a bowl of oreo crumbles. My kids would love this.

I have a list of recipes that I am attempting this week. Among the dishes are Siew Pao and Swiss Roll. Exciting, isn't it!


O_o got a feeling dunkin donuts gonna close shop soon.. :p


When They Openrd in Bali surprisingly there's not queue!!!! As compare to Dunkins, somehow the dough is much softer and moist.

They just open another one in Melbourne

In Bali only USD5 for a dozen of Original glaze...:P

WIll try this outlet when i'm in Curve...looks pretty good!


It's been ages since I had dough-nuts :P
Maybe should get some plain one and spread some strawberry + margarine on it. Bet it will be tastier... hehehe...

Big Boys Oven

I read another write up on Big Apple done by a food blogger named Miss Pinky(a blog at couple of weeks ago.
Anyway I will definitely by some for my mother-in-law.


Reading through your blog, I've noticed that some of the restaurants like using or referring to American cities or names...

Is that really a big selling point in Asia?
Did the owners come from New York?

I find it very interesting... I'm in the USA and don't have any clue how we are viewed, foodwise.


Xiu Long Bao donut shop? Still wana try tho u gav bad comments...they look very colorful n tempting :)

Rasa Malaysia

Wah, so many different flavors, I wonder if they have durian donuts? LOL.


precious pea: 12 only ma... where got 18? My cousins are staying at my place for the school the donuts were gone fast.

joe: I think you can get them in Sydney.

lee ping: *cries* ... I need to buy a new oven for baking.

mei yen: heheh no la.. will have customers like me.

jason: plain also nice.. no need all the toppings one le ;p

Big Boys Oven: she's lucky to have a son-in-law like you :)

eat4fun: If im not wrong, the owner went to "the big apple" for a donut crash course and worked with some donut expert to come up with the recipe. I believe thats where they got their name.

xiu long bao: Not bad comments la.. the donut was not my taste thats all. I like fuller donuts compared to soft donuts.

RM: hahaha they should!

Precious Pea

Buy 1 dozen get another 1/2 dozen free, isn't that 18 pieces? No?


hey,first of all i would like to ask is BIG apple and jco donuts the same company? if its not, thn it is a total rip off from the jco donuts - The donuts, concept of the store even the packaging are almost the same,to me this is not right!


LOL! I didn't know it's been blogged until I was searching for Big Apple Donuts. Yeah, the doughnuts are soft and smaller than Dunkin Donuts.


precious pea: OHHH the banner ad. Mine was a buy something free 6 donuts for the first 50 customers coupon. So I bought 6, and got 6 free.

Anonymous: If what I was told was right, they are the same company..owners.related.. something like that. It's just like you said, all is the same, shop concept (but this is so very common in the US already, nothing new) down to the donut flavors.

boo: hehehe too free la.. wake up early on a Sunday morning to buy donuts.

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

Is your oven not working?


I haven't tried Jeco doughnuts but I've tried Krispy Kreme and when I took the first bite it reminds me of Krispy Kreme. Finally something similar to it. yummmmmm ......

I prefer Big Apple doughnuts to dunkin. But must try Jeco.


hi, u know that this one is VERyyyy..similar to JCo. Even the logo is quite similar. ahaha... thinking of the probability that the owner is the same person (??) or they copy it. lol.

nice blog anyway :)


Lee Ping: My is ...arghh it doesnt bake evenly anymore. So I give up baking with that oven.

simplicity: I really need to get hold of KK. Sounds to me like a mix of Dunking and Big Apple.

Dina: yeahh I saw JCo's website and notice that too. I think its the same owner... if not I think JCo should have sued Big Apple already.


WaH! * Donuts! Something really different i must say. Would like to try some, does it taste better than Dunkin' Donuts?


Yeah, i went to Indonesia sometimes ago and went to JCO. To my suprise everything that bigapple have is similar with JCO. the logo, the donuts (even the topping), the crew uniform, the donut packaging.
to satisfy my curiosity, i ask the JCO crew over there asked whether big apple & Jco donuts owner is the same person... and to my surprise they said "NO"...
hmmm then big apple must have really rip JCO off... or the other way around. but then i asked them (JCO) again how long has been in Indonesia they said 2 years already... hmm... so we know who the pirate here... arrgh ya matey.
hmm,, shame on them.
Good blog though...


leon: Hmm you have to taste to compare. I think everyone says Big Apple is nicer....but I still prefer Dunkin.

andrew: ahhhhhhhhh i wonder if anyone else ask JCo the same question... or ask Big Apple's boss this question.


Hey food lovers and teckiee,

I send an e-mail to JCo Donuts regarding the Jco & Big Apple issue, here is the reply...

Glazze Afternoon
Warm greetings from JCO Donuts & Coffee
First of all, thank you very much for your kind attention and information to us

Since we open the first outlet on June 26th 2005, we never open any branches using other name than J.CO Donuts & Coffee. Now we operate 22 stores all over Indonesia. In other word, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is not a member of J.CO Donuts & Coffee's company. The real J.CO Donuts & Coffee using first premium quality ingredients from all over the world, such as Almond from California; Dark Chocolate from Belgium; Cheese from New Zealand; Macha Green Tea from Japan; and 100% Arabica Coffee which perfectly roasted in Italy.

Regarding your request and other J.CO Donuts & Coffee customers in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur, we'll open our branch in Kuala Lumpur soon.

Hopefully J.CO Donuts & Coffee could always be your favourite donuts & coffee. Thank you very much for your time

Best regards,
J.CO Donuts & Coffee
Jl. Meruya Selatan no. 68
Jakarta 11650 Indonesia
T: +62-21-58902147
F: +62-21-5850180


so Big Apple please change your concept or just shut it down. This is not a good way to do business by taking other peoples idea (its like taking Mcdonalds and open it in KL and change the name to Mc Dolah with the same concept,packaging and store)

anyway Nice blog teckiee :)


tra_utra: hey thanks the email and the update to all. But I think we should leave the Mcdonalds and McDolah to JCo and Big Apple. I think the new will spread out very fast soon.

You got a blog? A link or something?


very colorful and interesting! but i'm not a fans of "flavoured" donut, prefer the plain plain type :-)


So much similar with Indonesian's J.CO. The donuts, Logo and even the plastic bags are very similar. I prefer J.Co where else except Indonesia..


tekko: I love them all! But plain ol' plain ol' sugar donuts are still my comfort donuts.

nonie: I hope to try them when I'm in Indonesia... I just hope there's one near the place I'll be at.


ugh. i really don't like big apple. they copied everything. have they no shame? no sense of creativity at all or anything. i bet the owner would be so embarrassed when goes into KL, and hopefully even more embarrassed if they ever get sued. donuts are the best!! ^^


Big Apple will get into trouble soon, as Jco Donuts will be opening soon in the new shopping mall in Bukit Bintang called the Pavilion this 20th Sept'07. So for those who have been wondering where Big Apple get their ideas and so called claiming they are from America and under the same company as Jco Donuts, come over to Jco Donuts, and you will see the truth :) see you there


k-asia: Hmm I really got no comment on this because I have not tasted JCo's donut yet. But I do how I can make a comparison soon =)

Anonymous: Actually I was quite surprised that they have mentioned "America" and then JCo popped in the picture. I will make my way to Pavilion this Thursday! Do you know what time it opens??


same like Jco --!


Anonymous: Its personal preference actually. J.Co is sweeter, Big Apple is not.


woaaah....donuts make ppl crazy
uhm...I've tasted krispy, jco & bigapple but Jco is better then Big apple but Krispy Cream is much better then the others hiihihi...

Maybe it's just donuts
but at least be creative


plagiat..... the only different from J.Co is the logo :p


siLia: ahhh I have got to try Krispy Cream. Krispy Cream got to open here!

Anonymous: yeahh and even so.. the logo looks alike


big apple was the Jco's follower... no doubt about it.. be creative dude, you stole our ideas, and make your own copied-sweet-stuff.. soooo nasty neighbor...



how pathetic. everything big apple has there is sooo J.Co. by everything, i mean EVERYTHING.

they copied. they lied. better prepare yourself for being sued.

J.Co rules!


this big apple donuts really s.u.c.k.s
they copied J.Co
from the logo,uniform,x-banner,even the donuts itself.
do the owner can be more creative or something??i bet the owner just a d.u.m.b.a.s.s


maybe someone can upload the J.Co picture. I was shocked when visit this blog. OMG, all of their idea, concepts, and products, are the same as the J.Co's!


Hi folks,

Firstly, I would like to inform all that I am not the owner, or related to anyone from Big Apple donut. I just happen to be one of the first few customers of Big Apple.

I do agree that there's all the ctrl-c and ctrl-v going on with the donuts and concept and even the logo. I didn't believe it myself when I found out about J.Co.

But I hope that you can bring the flaming else where, or do respect my readers and mind your language when posting a comment. I will need to delete your comments...(tho.. I try not to because I really dont want to censor what is real)

Anyway, if you are interested, I manage to visit the first J.Co shop here in Malaysia. My review below


damn, malaysia even copying donuts product from indonesia after taking patents of tempe, angklung, batik, and rendang.

dont u guys have any originality?


Anonymous: I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'm really just there for the food, or should I say donut.

I honestly didnt know that tempe, angklung, batik, and rendang was patents.... isn't this part of the Malay culture and food? Majority of Malaysian are malay, so maybe that's the reason we have what you have in Indonesia.

I do also appreciate if you could not generalize Malaysians. I love my country and the people here and I feel offended by your comment.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


and again,
for malaysian: need more creative people for your branding, torism campaign????
the logo style ,the corporate color similar with J.Co in Indonesia since year ago, and ALMOST similar product and the name as like as J.Co!(such as:Mango tango,The Green Tea)

Maybe you need designer!


Anonymous (1st): I understand your frustration, but this is really between J.Co and Big Apples. I'm not sure why my whole country is pulled into this. In the world of business, things like this happen, you will never know, maybe J.Co and Big Apple both are actually from the same owner/person. It's really just a selling strategy.

I have to remove your comment as I feel it is offensive to my readers.

Jancuk: Maaf because I have to remove your comment to. I initially believe I could leave everything up here, but I guess not as your comment is offensive.

Anonymous (2nd): Yes I do agree that the names and loge are similar. I am really not siding Big Apple (or J.Co). Both of them have their own original, J.Co with their crown donut, and Big Apple with some flavors such as Durian and J.Co do not sell.

Again, like I said. We all might be all hot head over a selling strategy.

Anonymous Doughnut

We live in a copycat world. Originality is a rare thing, not just in Doughnuts but anything in the market.

I still prefer Krispy Kreme. It's the original one in my opinion. They've been around since 1937.

Big Apple since 2007.
J Co since 2005.
Dunkin' Doughnuts since 1950.

You do the math. Rather than flame each other.


Anonymous Doughnut: Thank you!!


Tidak siap berdebat yah ?? kok banyak post yang ilang ?? pada dasarnya orang Indonesia tidak benci kepada pribadi teman2 di Malay, hanya mengapa sifat ketidak terbukaan, dan fairness itu tidak dilakukan, semisal memang ingin mengcopy itu tidak masalah, toh dalam prinsip bisnis itu juga dikenal, AMATI, TIRU dan MODIFIKASI, tetapi kl meniru 99,999 % itu namanya bukan kreatif, tetapi pembodohan terhadap diri sendiri. saya yakin banyak orang malaysia yang pinter2 dan mampu membuat brand yang lebih baik dari buatan Indonesia, C'mon ga semua orang malaysia itu plagiator kan ??? Think First Make It Real Later !!!


(yet another) Anonymous: Yup, the debate is still on going. And yes, i removed 2 comments. Again, I really have to put emphasis that Big Apple is doing this, and Big Apple do not represent Malaysia and MYSELF. So Big Apple is menperbodohkannya sendiri in your views, but honestly I still think its business. Yup, I agree that everyone notice plagrarism in the world of business, but hey.. that again is business.

I wonder if I can turn of comments just for this post, I'm really getting tired of letting of explaining for my fellow Malaysians and myself.


hehehe... tired with this post huh ? it`s okay I think, we can brain storming in these post, but just keep our posting more polite okay !! we are have lot of similarity in our countries the big point is we are the largest moslem countries both of us, we can talk in the business corridor between those product "NOT PEOPLE", HAPPY IED MINAL AIDIN WAL FA IDZIN,

From : Indonesian People


Anonymous, Indonesian People: Hey Thanks! Thats very sweet of you =) Selamat Hari Raya to you and everyone in Indonesia too!


teckiee said...
"I honestly didnt know that tempe, angklung, batik, and rendang was patents... isn't this part of the Malay culture and food? Majority of Malaysian are malay, so maybe that's the reason we have what you have in Indonesia."

tempe? ok, i don't really know where tempe comes from. rendang comes from Padang Sumatra I guess. u said majority of malaysian are malay so we have so many similarities. if we see geographical locations, the malaysia peninsula is very close to kalimantan and sumatra. maybe that's why so many things are similar. Majority of Sumatra are also Malay. okay fair enough.

fact u ought to know about indonesia: majority of Indonesia is not Malay. In Indonesia, Malay mostly live the Sumatra Island.

AND does anyone know where ANGKLUNG and BATIK come from? It is from the JAVA ISLANDS. And malay don't live there.. Javanese do.. so maybe your ancestors travelled frequently to Java, huh? Whatever.


(the 12th) Anonymous: I can't say I know my geography and history, but in Malaysia there's 3 major races, in which our Chinese and Indian ancestors came from China and India. The China Chinese or the India Indian don't accuse us of copying. As for Malay, I honestly don't know. Maybe from Indonesia? Or we have Orang Tanah Melayu? OR Maybe Parameswara (I can't even remember where is from... but Indonesia right?) just brought Javanese culture here. But Chinese Indian and Malay is part of the Malaysian culture. This is why Malaysia is Malaysia.



the donuts look pretty much the same with's though.

i wonder which tastes better!


hey all, i heard from my fren in an advertising and audit company that big apple is just another franchise, different name, different products...for different true is that i dont know..i guess they are trying out something different..


dodi: hmm i like J.Co more because its sweeter. but texture wise.. both J.Co and Big Apple are the same to me.

(13th) Anonymous: Hm really? Marketing and sales gimmic after all I guess. They are really making big bucks!


I like J.Co. Never tried Big Apples before, but sure want to try it for comparison..

Oh ya, i think we need to keep blogs as media in a positive way. Lets just ignore flamwar, even there's problems among this two neighboring country..



agn: Big Apple is every where now... there's one opening in One Utama soon.


bodo amat akh... mo jual siomay kek, kwetiaw kek. yg penting enak. yg enak yang berkuasa. hehehe...
(netral mode ON)


^^setuju broo
...ttp J.CO menurut gw lebih enakk..........
pokoknya yg original paling enak

Big apple sialan bener....yg punya J.CO juga tulalit..knp gak di sue aja sich...

Rony Zakaria

well, we don't need to start a war over a damn donut :D

but sure, if it's true, then the big apple sure has some lack of creativity.

About the negative minds about malaysian, for me it's limited to its controlled and provocative media and government arrogance. Well, here in Indonesia, the government is not perfect also, corrupted.

I think Malaysian and Indonesian people should hate each other, especially over a donut hehehe...

But I disagree when Malaysian say, we are "serumpun" with you Indonesia. We're not.


asoy, bernard: Setuju juga, tapi yang original tak bermakna lebih enak. Like Krispy Kream, many may love them, but some do favor J.Co. And some do also favor Big Apple.

Rony: LOL! The whole donut thing reminds me of my childhood days...where me and my friends can go 'I dont want to friend you anymore' today and the next day best of friends. We should all hate each other over donuts... and coffee! hehe ;p

Rony Zakaria

yes, it's ridiculous now :D

I was just joking though hehehe...

Let us eat Dunkin Donuts instead, for christ sake, it's for 'world peace'!


malaysia asu


wow! it's so similar with jco!
but hey i'm curious with big apple flavor..i think i should try it 1st then compare it with

crispy creme is too sweet for me, since i'm not a big fan of sweet foods jco has the right taste for me hehe....


malaysia? lol.

plagiat country :p


rony: Have you tried Dunkin's new windmill donut? I think they needed something new to their usual menu to meet with all this donut crazee. Not that good tho.

(you should be the 14th) Anonymous: sorry dude, I'm not sure what asu means in Bahasa Indonesia but I am sure it should be Big Apple asu, not my country.

mita: Big Apple is not as sweet as J.Co. I have not tried the original crispy cream so I really cant comment. But I guess its the amount of sweetness our taste buds can that to determine the donut brand we fancy.

(15th) Anonymous: Can't put more emphasis, like I say/type over and over again, it's Big Apple, not MY BELOVED COUNTRY MALAYSIA.


i luv big apple donuts! i can eat it all day!! thanks for opening! hahha..



I think this a very weak attempt of J.Co Indonesia. No offense, but the banana donut and the almond one, that's exactly J.Co's donuts. Poor guy trying to imitate J.Co's success.


joanne: LOL! have you tried J.Co?

(16th) Anonymous: hmmm I got a feeling there's a typo some where. But J.Co in Indonesia and in KL is open by the same guy. I met him personally at J.Co's opening in Pavilion.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


well.. the concept are very similar like huh..

no wonder.. lah.. malaysia always trying to copycat anything from indonesia.. huhuhuhuhu

and come up with a hatred like here.. malingsia

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

17th and 18th anonymous: I'm really getting annoyed with insults directed to my country. If you want to even say it.. don't hide yourself behind anonymous.

vins: Thanks for the link. Many things are censored to us. I have got to thank you for the link. The copycat thing... i still think its un true.. we share the same cultural back ground.. if that is the case.. i think we copy China and India as well? .. as so is Taiwan copying China...and so on.


Big Apple's and are different . Big Apple's is from America whereas is from Indonesia . I thinkthat Big Apple's are the best . I don't like to much flour and it's not to sweet .It's cheaper than Dunkin Donuts to


hueeeeekkkkkkk I really wanna puke seeing your store


stephie: Yes I agree, its just personal taste. And I think both kind of got their recipe from some where in the U.S.


This will be the last comment that I will allow on this post. I have had enough of harassment on my own food blog.

1# I am not the owner of Big Apple so leave your nasty comments and insults some where else.

2# I have no respect for folks who not only insult me, but my country.... but hide behind "Anonymous". Shame on you.

With that I am going to leave the 19th Anonymous comment here. Why can't we all be civil? ...and again, ITS NOT MY Bl**DY STORE.

3# Thank you for the rest of those who respect me and my country although we all know we have troubles.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I like it so much. The donuts still soft even i kept it for next day morning.



i have tasted the donuts and interested to francise it.

do u francise it? if so, pls email me the details.

my email address is


''teckiee said...
(the 12th) Anonymous: I can't say I know my geography and history, but in Malaysia there's 3 major races, in which our Chinese and Indian ancestors came from China and India. The China Chinese or the India Indian don't accuse us of copying. As for Malay, I honestly don't know. Maybe from Indonesia? Or we have Orang Tanah Melayu? OR Maybe Parameswara (I can't even remember where is from... but Indonesia right?) just brought Javanese culture here. But Chinese Indian and Malay is part of the Malaysian culture. This is why Malaysia is Malaysia.

6:58 PM''

Parameswara was from Palembang, Sumatera. Malays originated from Kepulauan Riau-Lingga. (I still recall this from Form 2 History) And when I visited Medan in Sumatera, I learnt that most Sumaterans are Batak and most Javanese are orang Jawa. FYI, they're not called malays.

One thing new i learn after visiting Philippines : Filipinos are called malays - Filipino malays.


i really love the Sesame Seed donut at Big Apple... yummmyy..

oh, i can't wait to taste the Durian donut.. bought it twice already but someone else got to eat it first!


What is all the fuss abt donuts, "donuts are donuts". Both J.Co & Big Apple has its own taste and specialty. So does Malaysia and Indonesia. Both have different cultures and races.


malays are from malaya lah. that's why it's called persekutuan tanah melayu or the federation of MALAY states.


hi... juz some stories from friend of mine. donuts and big apples' owners were partners in indonesia, where big apples' malaysian n's indonesian... somehow rather the j.v did not work out n big apples' owner cameback home and opened big apples...

i can make sense of the story coz if i were the real intellectual properties' owner, i should have sued big apples for the copycat.. i have yet to see taking any actions... don't jump over the gun yet eh..

juz my 2cents...



Yah for Big Apple Donuts for bringing it to Malaysia. Sure, they could have distinguished themselves from J.Co a little better, but if local can do it better, then why not?

It created employment, it stimulates the economy and if they don't have New Zealand cheese or Belgium Chocolate or Arabic coffee roasted in Italy, source it from as close to home as possible, make it just as good, and bob's your uncle.

Whatever idea you have, there will always be somebody who think they can do it better. I've tasted J.Co and Big Apple and J.Co's donut is heavier than Big Apple - I prefer the apple. They came to Kota Kinabalu a few months ago and I've done a review on about what we have on offer here 22 on the menu, and I've spotted a few recently that were not on the menu.

It's not about copycats - McDonalds, Wendy's, BurgerKing and a gazillion others like them - competition keeps prices low and business on their toes.

Go Big Apple - Malaysia Boleh!


big apple punya donut kurang manis sesuai utk semua..
berbanding ngn jco donut, donutnya sangat manis!!!
terlampau manis!!!

first time beli big apple kat the gardens mid valley.. beratur xlah lama sangat mcm kat jco..

harga pun murah sikit berbanding jco.. rm 9.50 for 1/2 dozen.. jco rm 11 for 1/2 dozen.. well, i xkesah abt harga.. as long as the donuts hv great taste, i dun mind abt price..

pilihan pun banyak! xmacam jco sometimes beratur tapi last2 flavour yg kita nak tu dh habis.. sakit hati je..

big apple punya donut pun lembut cm jco..

so, i prefer big apple than jco.. sedap!!!!!!!


don't gaduh2 la kat sini.. well.. anybody yg xsuka big apple, teruskan membeli jco donuts.. but janganlah salahkan produk malaysia sebab tiru produk indonesia.. bukan tiru 100%.. juz nak beri persaingan yang sihat.. terpulanglah kepada customer nak beli kat mane.. masing2 ada fans tersendiri.. =)

p/s: to all malaysians, support our local products la...
tak salah donut kita sebijik cm donut mereka.. yang penting, sedap! even kalau tiru tapi tak sedap, still xde org nak beli.. jatuh bangun company tu terletak kat kuasa beli pengguna.. korg xsupport, lama2 tutup kedai la..

kepada peminat jco donutS, janganla nak mengamuk2.. rilexla.. org malaysia pon nk try jual donut jugak.. walaupun NYATA ada persamaan, tapi still ada TERSELIT perbezaan jugak..

persaingan sihat lo.. rilex la!!


I've tried the big apple's blueberry donut. yuk... couldn't even swallo. oily smell.. may be they didn't change the oil for too long.only little bit of blueberry in the middle.. too expensive RM 2.30.


Big Apple or JCO Donut????

It is no importance, as long as provide delicious food for all us with cheaper price..

All are raised..only salary didn't..


Anyway, I like Nash Donuts, more cheaper and delicious taste, just RM1.6/ and best donuts.


i love pink panther.


hmm.. like a twins.
but I think people knows which is the real one, and who's the fake one. Poor those copycat, who cannot use their creativity to make the better one than that they copied. bad bad bad bad bad.


huh dasar orang malaysia bangsat, ga punya kreasi, bisanya fotocopy, dasar kampung lu, bego semua, cewenya ga ada yang cakep, mampus aja lu sana!!!!!!!!!!! kapan kapan gw ganyang mampus lu. reog tu punya Indonesia dan bukan punya para orang malaysia bangsat. makasih.


i love my big apple's donut-licious..
i dun care about de price.. just about de taste.. so yummies..


i think is nicer.
and yes big apple is the follower.

but to those who are not satisfied with big apple's idea..u shud have pointed the complaints straight to the company. i found it very impolite of u to make such conclusion statements which condemn the whole malaysian based on this matter.

think rationally.


Big apple...
Very delicious....


I hoped Indonesia could be the inspiration for the other country but I also mengarapkan that this not to drop the country's honour saya. sorry because of BIG APPLE was not far differed from J.CO..



it true that Big Apple copying JCO.

the thing that annoying me is the way indonesian call Malaysia maling (theft).

the true is they don't realize that most of the Big Apple workers is from Indonesian. even the management they have some indonesian workers (based on my friend).

can't u see that. most of them send malaysian money to Indonesia.

our money can improve ur economy and help ur people out there.


yummyyyyy.. ilove it

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