Friday, May 18, 2007

Find it in Singapore, find it here

Short post. Find it in Singapore, find it here =)

You can find the shop selling these puffs in Uptown Damansara. Same row as HSBC.

Really nice loose and flaky puffs! I have not tasted Old Chang Kee's puffs but I think these are as good or even better!

But I'll try to avoid buying all the sweet puffs. I tried the half of the yam and sweet corn, just too "jelak" when I finish the puffs. My grandma mention that the salty spicy ones are much better.

Did you know that Bee Cheng Hiang actually paten it's packaging? If you buy the dried BBQ meat from Singapore, they actually have it in bite size vacuumed packed packages.

My mom bought these in one of the Malaysia branches. These siew yoke puffs tasted real good.

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9 pieces of worms:


I only know Bee Chee Hiang is famous with its dried bbq meat. I didn't know they do have siew yoke puffs.


I first thought they're curry puffs! I don't like creamy corn fillings too, most of the time, they're too sweet for my liking.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i think its damn interesting though..corn feeling..n i m quite a sucker for corn


kok: Me too actually.... until my mom bought the siew yoke puffs.

jason: Yeah I agree with you. Always sweet.

joe: You might like this one... but dont eat too many... very jelak.

Lee Ping

I agree with you, Teckiee. I like spicy curry puff more than sweet curry puff, if I have a choice :)

The siew yoke puffs looks yummy. Wish I can peek at the inside as well.


i like flacky puff especially those creamy corn...dunno y, i just love creamy corn since i was a kids...

Precious Pea

The inti inside the puffs...i tot it was dried meat, no? But one thing for sure, once you start, can't stop!


Damasara Area used to have lots of good food in the 90's.

I enjoy very much, when I went to visit my customers in those area.

Thanks for sharing!!


lee ping: hehehe i forgot to take a picture of it.

jackson: my dad loves everything with banana... i think you will like anything with corn?

precious pea: its not the "long yoke", they are more moist but not as moist as the char siew bao.

CharlieBrown8989: They still have some great food there. ....but I do agree that, that place have changed.

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