Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kuih gula bakar

Aisheh, I don't have to waste time making my own Malai Kou la. The Saturday Kelana Jaya pasar tani sells my favorite kuih gula bakar. One big piece for RM2 only. Yum yum!

The side view. See all the air holes. So nice.

Back view even nicer. Just love the kuih!

I must learn how to make this one day. But first thing is to learn how to cook the sugar properly. Cooking the gula bakar needs a lot of time and skills with the fire control... something which I don't have hehe.

Anyway, I bought this too. Meneram? Merenam? I forgot the name of this quih but I kind of like it too.

It's gula melaka with a flour mixture deep fried in cold then heated hot oil.

Dad don't like it because it doesn't taste like dough nut. Imagine crushed dhall beans with gula melaka then deep fried... something like that. A bit sandy texture.

One big happy family.

Inside the meneram.

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18 pieces of worms:

Lee Ping

This is the first time that I have heard of gula bakar. I wonder if that is caramelized sugar, sugar that is cooked for a long time until it is almost bakar (burnt)?

The first kuih does look yummy. I could almost feel the sponginess of this kuih by the little tiny holes. I also like the dark deep color.

Thanks for sharing these kuihs.

Keropok Man

This kueh i tot is golden colour one? This one really looks bakar.

My mum makes it, we call it honeycomb cake because it looks like honeycomb. and make it in golden colour, so it looks very cantik :-)

very very super long din eat it liao...


I love the kuih gula bakar too! Yummyyy...I wonder if Perth has this kind of kuih or not. :P


Haha...you are really in the kuih mood eh?

"Joe" who is constantly craving

you having fun making the kuih pose for u eh?

Lyrical Lemongrass

Very pretty pictures! You are truly an ambassador for local kuih lar. :-)


don;t like the look. May taste good. Can u post how to make siew pao ?


Arhghgh what happen to my post?!

lee ping: Yup you are right. Some call it kuih gula hangus.

Keropok man: hehehe can ask your mom for the recipe ah? hehehehehhe pls with a lot of sugar on top!

kok: ahhhh I think it's gonna be really hard to find those in Perth.

wmw: no la ;p 2 post only ma.

joe: Not easy you know hahahah. Can see the oil patch here and there.

Lyrical Lemongrass: shy la.. I know how to eat only la. Dont even know the names of the quihs.

kumpung boy: hmm let me see if I can find the recipe. I know how to make the filling, but not the pastry part.


aha. there is another name for that kuih meneram. My family call it 'telinga keling'..


i think that meneram thingy is also known as "athirasam" in tamil..one of the deepavali goodies.. its nice when is piping hot from frying but gets a little hard and stale once it gets cold.


wa.... fashion show for kuih !!! I love kuih gula bakar/hangus!!! The texture is good and is good to go with black coffee! But i bought it for RM 0.60 only in Klg worr


KUIHHHHHHHH! Wah, damn good kuihs indeed! Shall come back and sweep some local food soon! Hehe

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wahh...i see someone is using the white background concept to improve & bounce lighting. not bad not bad. =) but a little bit more careful. there are some parts of the picture being overexposed & overblown.

Precious Pea

Buy lagi easy, no need DIY. I like it with lots of air holes also..yumzz.


miza: ahh thanks for the info! Telinga keling a much easier name to remember.

Praveen: Another name... athirasam... hard to remember this one.

jackson: Big piece ah? this RM2 is like 3 to 4 pieces or a pound cake slice like that.

t.c: hehehe fly to Indonesia if you have the chance. They have a lot "holes" quih there that are very nice too.

ddkwh: ahhh seefoo seefoo. Need more lesson from u la. I dont understand your photography gargons la.... i'll email you! muahahha

precious pea: heheh home made more syok ma and taste better...LOL ;p

Xiu Long Bao

yalar *agree wiv joe* all the kuihs got ur fingerprints oledi ;p

Can't hlp but to say, the back view of the kuih gula bakar looks scary wiv all the tiny holes....


xiu long bao: heheheh nvm la, i touch all i eat all! muahahah

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