Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mieng Kam

Mieng Kam in Hokkien means "Dont close". But in Thailand, it's a starter to tingle the taste buds.

I have eaten Mieng Kam during Chinese New Year when my mom prepared the ingredients for my whole family and relatives. Those who attended the Makansutra dinner earlier this year would have tasted this too. Check out the first picture of Babe KL's post.

My mom prepared Mieng Kam again the other day. Simple stuff, with big effect on the mouth.

Fried grated coconut flesh. Just head the wok and stir. No need for any oil as the coconut will produced its own natural oil.

Lemon grass and lime leaf.

Shallots and lime.

Lengkaloke leaves. I really got to find out the English and scientific name for this leaf.

Sour plum sauce.

Thai sweet chili sauce.

Sesame seed and crushed groundnuts for the top.

To eat, just shape the Lengkaloke into a cone, stuff it with the ingredients above, pour the sauces, drizzle with seeds and nuts, and *pop* ....*chrunch chrunch chrunch*

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19 pieces of worms:


This is me so so so favourite appetiser. I never fail to order if it's on d menu but have not had a made at home version. Where to get d lengkalok leaves?


Sounds really delicious... by the way you describing it.

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

The next time, I go grocery shopping, I will look out for Lengkaloke leaf and let you know the scientific name.

Malaysia sells prepackaged grinded groundnut and sesame. Very convenient.


Love mieng kam too. Still remember the yummy ones they wrap up for you in Thailand which they serve on a bamboo stick.


i found the Scientific name for you, its Piper Sarmentosum but no definite English name though.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmm yumm i love this appetizer ever since my gf intro me dis dish..some even go the xtra step in putting a prawn inside..tats yummy

Ee Chian

tummythoz: You can find then at some malay markets... but i have some growing in front of my house. So I usually pluck from there.

jason: You should try making some. I haven seen it in Ipoh before.

Lee ping: check out Babe's post. The link has a lot of description on it.

boo: ohhhh how to they keep the wrap together? Do serve on a bamboo stick, or use bamboo stick to keep them together?

babe kl: ahhh i think i'll just remember daun kadok for now. ...Piper Sarmentosum sound like a cartoon lol.

joe: ohhhh must remember the prawn the next time my mom makes them


But I don't know what's the name for the leaf. Maybe should print out the picture and show to the aunties at market :D

Lee Ping

Thanks EE_Chian.

Lee Ping

Babe, I just check out the link that you referenced. The leaf is a little smaller than what Teckiee posted. But now, I have more to go with. So, thanks. If I see this in the Asian market here in the US, I will see what is it called.

p/s Isn't bloggin educational?


woops.. i'm ee chian is teckiee. was logged in wrongly. hehehe

Lee Ping

Yeah, I was wondering who is that keh poh chi?

Precious Pea

I never try before....but sure looks good.


So far, I only eaten this once. Hmm.. maybe should do this at home. Eh, my Lengkaloke at home growing like weeds. Can sell them in Teckiee's blog hor. Maybe can made it to eBay? lol.


lee ping: heheh me me! HAHAHA

precious pea: just give me a ring if you want the leng ka loke hehehe I can pluck some from my garden for you.

hijackqueene: very easy to make at home! You should make la... but dont know your kids will try only or not.

Rasa Malaysia

Aiyo, I am so geram I can't find the daun kadok here in the US...what to do?


RM: Aie.. yeah. Even in Mal it's not widely available in the market. Can't send over to you either... the leaves will dry when it reach you. No seeds also... not sure how you can get it there.

eNat -->

Oh, i like it, i have tried this dish, in Vietnam we call the leaves above is "Lá Lốt" so we have a dish "Grilled Beef in Lá Lốt" so great !!!!

Love Mieng Kam :_)


isn't it betel leaves? bahasa, it's daun sirih.

and it is sold by the flower sellers who sell it for hindu prayers.

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