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Olive rice

*sign* I can't believe I have to work this Sunday. It's mother's day! How can?!

Back to food... that sooths my soul. Olive rice. Just love it. I first ate this in Singapore. My aunt brought me to her clubhouse restaurant to try "Kam Lam Fan" (olive rice). Since then I have been hunting high and low for it in Malaysia. Sadly, I still could not find this in Malaysia. But lucky me, I know how to home cook this.

I think Kam Lam Fan is a authentic Thailand rural area dish. I have been to many Thai restaurants and stalls but none serves Kam Lam Fan. Anyway, you got to try this because this is one dish that anyone will just fall in love with.

The main ingredient of the rice is the olive fried rice itself.

Fry garlic, onions, shrimps and chopped black olives until fragrant. Put then aside. In the same wok, (don't wash the wok, just add a little oil) fry plain rice (I used red rice instead of the plain white rice) until fragrant and add the fried olive mix in the rice. Fry for a while longer with salt, sugar and pepper. Put aside.

The original recipe do not use shrimp. But chicken. Marinate your chicken cubes with sugar, pepper and light soya sauce. Fry until cook, with a little of the sauce. Put aside.

[Edited] I forgot to mention that the green stuff is Lengkaloke leafs. They look like dauh sirih. Fry them together with the olives.

Fry some scrambled egg and pounded dry shrimps (Heh Bee).

Chop up some lemon grass (serai), shallots, curry flower (bunga kantan), lime pulps, and chillies.

Cut out more lime if you like things sour.

The whole dish is a mixture of all of the above. The rice, (chicken), eggs, Heh Bee, the chopped up stuff and lime. Mix them up and Yummylicious!

...and clear Tom Yam fish head to complement the rice. WHAHAHAHA!

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17 pieces of worms:


Big mistake to come in before dinner!! Don't care lo Teckiee, you gotta make this for us for potluck party :P

Lee Ping

Dear Teckiee,

When I first saw Olive Rice, I was a little turned off because I am not a fan of olives. Since olive is good for health, I read on. I am glad that I did. This dish is absolutely delicious when it has so much spices. Your knife must be real sharp to be able to cut the lemongrass so thinly! I am not sure if I have seen daun sirih in US. Perhaps, I could substitute with basil?


You can cook ! Wow !

Sorry, I admit I've not visited your site until now. Well, I am here now ... and I intend to stay ... anyway, I must say .. you food looks really good. Home-cooked food .. hoohum... I miss them.

And when u're gonna join me to Salsa?


so sorry to hear that you got to work on mother's day... so i bet you will be celebrating this special day with your mom one day earlier?


Poor teckiee! Don't yr bosses have mothers? Olive rice looks yummy. Thanks for the tip. I have a recipe somewhere so must give this a try.

xiu long bao

Lurve olive rice so much though it stains my teeth wiv black olive bits after eating ;p


Don't remember having this before. Where u work/stay-ar? Cook more & I'll drop by!
Real pity u have to work on Sun. But got double pay, rite?


jason: heheh can can.. we have the potluck at your new place next month? hehehehehhe

lee ping: See plant #9 at the below link. Thats the leng ka loke leaf. But bazil will be wonderful! I think if you use raw ones will be even more fragrant.


tim: Have been really stuck at work this week. Might be able to make it next week maybe. Trying to jampi ppl to join too. I'll ring you yah.

mei yen: Hopefully no problems on my work on Sunday. Can finish fast and go home... my bro is coming back from Singapore and he plans to cook for my mom... I better help him if not... hahahahahha ..we might be ordering pizzas

boo: My boss is the kind of boss who can take personal vacation with family.. but when he was away for vacation, he actually ditch his family to go to the office branch there to work!

xiu long bao: heheh brush teeth after that la..ok ma

tummythoz: hehehe pot luck pot luck!!! No double pay one ler.. my line OT is like in the job description liua


Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, Olive Rice...when? when? when?


Ehh... my place?? Small area lar, don't think can fit so many ppl >_<


You are a great chef!:)

Lee Ping

Wow, what a treasure!


is a treasure!

I am bookmarking this for sure.

Now, is there a botanist out there that can translate what Leng Ka Loke (Hokkein) to English?

I love your humor about this plant thriving in the longkang.... very funny lar.

I wish I have a green thumb to grow herbs. Isn't it convenient to just go to your backyard and pluck fresh herbs? Aah, we can't all be Martha Stewart.

Rasa Malaysia

Wah, I am impressed, you have become quite a little cook yourself. When I was your age, my cooking sucks and I could never got things right. Haha. ;)


If u carry on tempting innocent people mercilessly like this and one or two more surely someone will propose soon ( might even be from cyberspace u better watch out !)


wmw: we need a location .. any suggestion?

jason: hehehe just kidding ;P

kok: tqtq!

lee ping: no la.. really grow near longkang.. maybe surviving from the longkang juices also...lol

rm: hahah i have training from mom

manjung: hm manjung as in near setiawan?


i thought most asians don't like olives....that's what my aussie friend says


wen: No lah. We seldom use olives cos it's not widely available here. You are hearing that from your south pacific friend la.... she's not even asian.. LOL

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